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mikl leitner

The return of the Mediterranean route?

Mikl-Leitner in Rome for talks on controlling the Brenner Pass

Radovan Karadzic

40 years of prison for Radovan Karadzic

Guilty of genocide for Srebrenica. Portrait of a convicted war criminal.

Einsatzkräfte in Brüssel

Brussels attacks: Is this the new normal?

Terrrorists bomb Brussels airport and the Metro system


Fukushima: A synonym for disaster...

And a radioactive legacy for generations to come


Freedom to Marry

Evan Wolfson's 32 year journey which changed the world

John Kerry am Telefon

Syria: A cessation of hostilities

Russia and the USA reach agreement.

Protestierende Frau

When is a siege not a siege?

Reality Check: Sieges in Syria; Water scarcity; The Balkan states and the refugee crisis; Italy convicts Eritrean people smugglers; Wayne Rooney and the Brexit.


Seehofer: Loosen sanctions "in a foreseeable period of time"

Reality Check: EU-Russian relations; Julian Assange; EU-Turkey; Syria donor conference; predicting volcanoes

Pedro Sanchez

Tusk makes Cameron an offer

Reality Check: UK / EU; Belgium's nuclear power plants; Zika virus; Spanish politics; New US airbase in Syria.

Britischer Premier Cameron trifft Europäischer Ratspräsident Tusk

An historic day in Myanmar

Reality Check: A new government in Myanmar; The Iowa Caucuses; Avoiding a Brexit; Bassel Khartabil.

Menschen am Tahrir Platz

Tahrir Square - 5 years later

Reality Check: Egypt; Portugal's new president; Italy and Gay rights; New IS Video; EU counter-terrorism centre


Greece: Protests and renewed fears of a Grexit

Reality Check: Greek anti-austerity protests; Tunisia youth unemployment protests; NOW conference of Mayors; James Webb Space telescope

Einsatzkräfte in Jakarta

Terror in the heart of Jakarta

Reality Check: Terror attack in Jakarta; Boko Haram; Ebola; Russia's economy; Asylum applications

Mann küsst Flüchtlingskind

#rewind2015: Memorable Moments of 2015

Reality Check: End of year review

Pariser Denkmal mit vielen Kerzen

Israel and Turkey strive for normalcy

Reality Check: Israel-Turkey Relations; Paris: 5 weeks later; Spanish elections; Denmark's refugees; Captagon

Verteidigungsminister von Saudi Arabien Mohammed bin Salman

Saudi Arabia and the fight against terrorism

Reality Check: An Islamic military alliance; Serbia and the EU; Protecting Europe's borders; Veritasium; Star Wars

Marine Le Pen vom Front National

Front National gains... and loses

Reality Check: Europe's far right; Stranded refugees; Austria and the climate deal; Democracy in Poland; Corporate tax evasion

France's far-right National Front (FN) leader Marine Le Pen

France continues drift to the right

Reality Check: French regional elections; Privacy or security; Venezuelan parliamentary elections; Tim Flannery; Brazil mining disaster


Britain joins the fight over Syria

Reality Check: UK/Syria airstrikes; Paris climate Change conference; California mass shooting; Austrian gun laws; The Cove


Montenegro invited to join NATO

Reality Check: NATO & Montenegro; Domestic slavery; Carbon bubble; Japan begins whale hunt; European Science Film Festival

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