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Joanna Bostock

Reading between the headlines.

Syrische Flüchtlinge werden von der Türkei zurück geschickt

A breach of international law?

Reality Check: Turkey sending refugees back to Syria & Iraq; Yemen humanitarian crisis; Social media & news; Cologne attacks & media challenges; Spartan Race.


Return to Helmand

Reality Check: British troops deployed to Afghan province where they suffered major losses in the past.

François Hollande

Do we have a deal?

A Saturday Reality Check Special on and from the climate talks.

eine Uhr, wo die Zeiger fünf vor zwölf anzeigen

The clock is ticking in Paris....

Reality Check: Paris climate talks; Syria peace talks; Americans' attitudes towards Muslims.


A new chapter in terrorism?

Reality Check: If it was a bomb, who planted it? Canada's new government, Myanmar elections, Climate change on Mars, street legal humvees

Kind blickt aus Zugfenster

On the road with refugees

A cross-border, story-telling journey of human dimensions through Macedonia, Serbia and Croatia.

Münze mit Alfred Nobel

Tunisian group wins Peace Prize

Reality Check: Tunisia's National Dialogue Quartet; Libya; Germany & refugees; Vienna & transport, Peter Hackmair on FIFA scandal.

Viele Menschen

The safety challenges of the Hajj

Hajj tragedy, Creative Muslim Contest, VW and closed source software, the future and echoborgs

Flüchtlingslager bei Nacht

Is it enough?

Reality Check: EU & refugees; Colombia & peace; The Pope in the US; Diesel pollution; Book:"The Internet is not the answer".

Transparent: Kein Mensch ist illegal

Die Angst vor dem "Ansturm"

Reality Check speaks to author Simon Hadler, and checks out the EU's plans for refugees, the VW scandal, the coup in Burkina Faso and micro-financing with Oikocredit.


Refugees: Terezija Stoisits has “exactly what’s needed” for the job

Reality Check: the new coordinator of schooling for refugee children, plus reports on the situation at railway stations in Budapest & Munich


Getting there?

Reality Check: refugees travel across Austria to their preferred destination Germany, and EU states are still at odds over policy.


Border stories

Reality Check: the voices of some of the refugees crossing into Hungary and what climate change has to do with crises such as this one.

Flüchtling in Traiskirchen

Traiskirchen: Amnesty Int'l wants to investigate

Reality Check: Heinz Patzelt & Marianne Schulze on the Amnesty request; a look at hunting and conservation in the wake of the killing of Cecil the lion.

cern graphik

Turkey & China

Reality Check: Erdogan visit amid tensions over Uighurs & possible purchase of Chinese missiles; news from the Large Hadron Collider.

Barack Obama

NATO declares "solidarity" with Turkey

Reality Check: Alliance ambassadors in Brussels for an emergency meeting; reaction to Obama's stance on LGBT rights in Africa.

A protester photographed during clashes with Turkish riot police in Istanbul on Sunday.

The Kurds more of a threat than Islamic State?

Reality Check: Why Turkey is attacking the Kurds as well as IS; what the British government wants from the EU.

Kepler 452b

A turning point, but not a game-changer

Reality Check: Turkey's new tactics on Islamic State; is Kepler 452b really "Earth 2.0"?

Peschmerga Kämpfer

What gives Islamic State the edge?

Reality Check: Embedding with Peshmerga fighters to find out more about Islamic State; Donald Trump's campaign causing a storm.

Homohochzeit in Italien

"The proximity of the Vatican is a major factor"

Reality Check: why is Italy behind on recognising same-sex partnerships? Some facts and figures behind the unrest in Burundi.

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