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Journalist in Moscow

Russian President Vladimir Putin (L) and Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov

Is Russia Trying to Influence the US Elections?

As the US Presidential campaign winds down to its last agonizing hours, Kremlin presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov issued Russia's own final reassurance to US voters: Russia has no intention of interfering in America's elections.

Mann klebt Protestplakat an Zaun

Russia and Ukraine Edge Towards a Soldier Swap

A long rumored "soldier swap" between Moscow and Kyiv seemed to gain new traction Tuesday, with Ukraine leader Petro Poroshenko claiming talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin had produced an "algorithm for freeing" an imprisoned Ukrainian pilot turned international cause celebre, Nadezhda Savchenko.


Wag the Dog, Kremlin-Style

Captain Konstantin Murakhtin, the surviving airman of the Russian fighter jet downed by two Turkish F-16s on the Syrian/Turkish border, appeared before Russian TV journalists.

Wladimir Putin

Russia and the #parisattacks

In Paris Attacks, Echoes of Russian Tragedies past

Refugee in Winterjacke

Refugees choose arctic route through Europe

At the airport in the Russian Arctic city of Murmansk, passengers file out from the morning flight from Moscow – many seemingly dazed by the surroundings and clearly underdressed for the coming polar winter.

MH17 Wrack

Riding Russia's Alternative MH-17 Reality

Yesterday, we learned that the Russian state arms manufacturer of the missile strongly suspected in the downing of Malaysian Air flight MH17 says its own investigation into the crash contradicts findings from a Dutch Safet Board probe into the tragedy.

Gold Watch

Kremlin Corruption 'Watch'

Why a skull watch and alleged wedding gift is a cause for social media excitement


Like A Mirror

Russia's Oscar-nominated "Leviathan" makes waves at home (the wrong kind).


Russia reacts to Scottish referendum

Outside of Scotland, there's at least one country cheering on the 'Yes' independence vote - namely, Russia.

Mensch schwingt Ukraine-Fahne

This would seem a bad week for the Kremlin

"America and Europe think they’re being very tough, but to our elite, it comes across as cowardice." - To the Kremlin inner circle the sanctions against the Russian economy looks like the West is afraid to fight and to send troops into Ukraine.

Wand mit FIFA-Logo

Russia 2018

The world cup torch passes from Brazil to Russia. Can Russia handle it? No matter what, many Russians are dreaming big for 2018... if only their team can manage not to blow it.

Wladimir Putin auf einem Plakat

Shrinking Online Freedom in Russia

A new Duma law requires foreign tech firms to provide the security services with "back door" access to all user data. It gives the Kremlin a powerful new tool to monitor perceived enemies at home.

Stockerl Platz 1

Will Sochi become the "Gay Games"?

Russia's big gay Olympic headache and Putins strategies to rewrite the script.

Pussy Riot

Pussy Riot Strikes Again

Nevermind that two founding members are behind bars in Siberian prisons, the remaining members of the Moscow girl punk art collective Pussy Riot want Vladimir Putin to know they're still here and they're still pissed off.

Durchfahrt verboten SChild

Edward Snowden's Rehearsals for departure

The fugitive whistleblower changed his mind about appealing asylum in Russia. Why?

Pussy Riot

Putin vs. Pussy Riot

A punk prayer, one year later.

Meteoritenschweif über Moskau

Ain´t no meteorite like a motherfucker

When a meteorite ripped across the Ural Mountains sky Friday morning, the trail of smoke and flame provoked fascination, terror, and - let's face it - a whole lot of f-bombs.

Elections in Russia

Russia: In the Cloud, A Shadow Parliament Rises

A new 45-member Internet-elected 'shadow parliament' intends to draw contrast with the rigged federal elections of the past year.


Gay in Russia

The LGBT crowd at Moscow's 7 Freedays club had gathered for a "Coming Out" event Thursday night when 20 masked men entered the room. Needless to say, they weren't regulars to the gay club.


Free(d) Pussy Riot

A Moscow appeals court freed Pussy Riot member Yekaterina Samutsevich. What, you might wonder, changed?

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