Standort: / Meldung: "Pussy Riot Strikes Again "

Charles Maynes Moscow

Journalist in Moscow

16. 7. 2013 - 18:06

Pussy Riot Strikes Again

Nevermind that two founding members are behind bars in Siberian prisons, the remaining members of the Moscow girl punk art collective Pussy Riot want Vladimir Putin to know they're still here and they're still pissed off.

On Tuesday, the band dropped their latest assault single against the Russian authorities with the release of «Like a Red Prison.»

Writes the band on their blog:

"We came to a situation where we're wondering why our friends in jail and Putin and his friends are not?"

For the performances of "Like a Red Prison", members – the band claims a loose collective of 18 or so artists – traveled outside of Moscow to visit locales from Russia's vast oil industry.

Pussy Riot

Pussy Riot

"Last year, oil and gas reserves accounted for 7 trillion rubles of (Russia's) budget (over 200 billion dollars US – ed.), but only Putin and a few of his friends see that 7 trillion. Therefore we decided to get to see this oil business for ourselves and sing our new song about the red prison to oil and gas workers."

The video and accompanying photographs show band members atop oil refineries, gas stations, and oil tankers. The images also show them defiling portraits of Russia's key oil barons from Gazprom, Lukoil, and Rosneft. All are close friends with Vladimir Putin, needless to say.

The band also writes that some lyrics to «Red Prison» were contributed by Pussy Riot member Nadya Tollokonikova from her current home behind bars in Mordovia, although the text was ultimately an anonymous collective effort.

"Better that the police inspectors don't waste their time," they added.