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2. 12. 2014 - 11:51

Today's Webtip: git gud nub

Your guide to being better at YouTube.

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YoutuberInnen und ihre Fans. Ein Schwerpunkt zur österreichischen Youtuber-Szene, am 2. Dezember den ganzen Tag auf Radio FM4 und im Anschluss für 7 Tage on Demand.

I guess it's been quite a while since I have posted any links to guides to things like video making or editing. That's a shame, I guess, and a subject that could actually fill a months worth of posts.

So instead I'm going to jump on today's YouTube bandwagon and share a few vids for getting better at YouTube. Some of the tips are of use in any kind of video production, and some are pretty specific to YouTube.

There are thousands of similar videos available out there, some form complete unknowns and some form YouTube celebrities, but most of them provide the same basic info. And for the eyes and ears of this aging fanzine freak, almost all of them display an amazing internalization of D.I.Y. ethics and motivation.

That said, here is one of my favorites so far. Eva has been on YouTube for ages (apparently). I just discovered her this week, but was really amazed at her high production standards combined with her useful suggestions for getting the most out of the least. As a notoriously unsociable person her tips for finding your way around the social nature of YouTube production was also rather interesting.

I like the contrast between that video and her first guide to YouTubing.

Eva has a pretty good eye, but there are two things I find extremely important that she missed. As she mentioned in her first video, you can probably find viewers with even the craziest of cameras. Low production values are easy to excuse if the content is good enough.

Take LeFloid for example. Although he has a really nifty opening animation, his camera quality is middling and his audio is atrocious. But dat content doe...

He has something to say and is able to say it in an interesting and entertaining way. I haven't found any good guides to that skill, but can only suggest keeping your standards high when it comes to the content you consume. When it comes to the beginning stages of media production, you really are what you eat.

The one area both are seriously lacking in is audio. It seems to be something that YouTubers can't really get to grips with. Not that there is a lack of guides on the subject.

Weapons of Mass Production has a pretty good guide to audio basics including an overview of various microphone types and alternatives.

Actually, I think that is one of the best I have been able to find. The rest of the videos in that series are pretty good, but not very up-to-date.

For those who want more, IndyMogul has a huge list of guides and news pieces made with the indyfilmamaker in mind. Not entirely YouTube appropriate, but there is a lot to be learned here.

About Audio

and about lighting

and a whole lot more. That channel should keep you busy for weeks.