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Cultural mash-ups, political slip-ups, and other things that make me go hmmm.

Hinterbliebener eiens Opfers von Flug MH17

Remembrance and Protection

Reality Check: Commemorations marking one year since the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 crash take place while many questions go unanswered. PLUS: a border fence goes up in Hungary.

Protests in Greece

The People Are Angry

Reality Check: Street violence erupted in Athens as Greek politicians voted on reforms demanded by European partners and tens of thousands take to the streets of Tokyo as Japanese politicians vote to permit troops to fight overseas.



After a 12-year stand-off a historic Iran nuclear deal is made in Vienna and after a 9-year journey, a NASA space probe gets close enough to Pluto to start sending pictures.

Flüchtling sitzt am Boden inmitten einer Zeltstadt

Süßer Gruß aus der bitteren Küche

Es werden Zettel an Asylwerber verteilt, auf denen steht: "NO WAY! You will not make Europa your home."

Rachel Dolezal

Fake-Schwarz oder Witzbold-Weiß?

Der Fall einer amerikanischen Bürgerrechtsaktivistin sorgt für heftige Diskussionen. Jahrelang hat sie sich als Afro-Amerikanerin ausgegeben, obwohl sie eigentlich just-plain eine weiße Amerikanerin ist.


Artificial Intelligence - An Introduction

Speech recognition, cyborgs, funerals for dead-never-really-live dogs, Scarlett Johansson's sexiest body part, a robot catfish at SXSW, a human brain collective grid, and my cousin Martin Haslinger.

Mohammed-Karikatur auf dem Charlie Hebdo-Cover

Charlie Hebdo: A Many-Layered Story

Je suis vs Je ne suis pas, freedom of expression vs hate speech, religion and responsibility, government responsibility, the far-reaching tentacles of war, the definition of satire, radicalization, integration, an impasse of deadly human frustration etc. etc. etc.

Comedian John Lloyd

Why Is There Something and Not Nothing?

Reality Check: British comedy television legend John Lloyd talks 'Spitting Image', the Queen's giggle, what's really the matter, and a whole bunch of other stuff that will make you laugh and think.

Lichtgrenze, Berliner Mauer

Ich bin ein Berliner

25 years post-Mauerfall. Blitz-Reise to Berlin. Generous guests and their personal stories. Berlin totally rocks.

Barack Obama

How Do You End a War that Just Won't Stop?

Reality Check: President Obama's IS plan, Turkey and IS, a partial-verdict in the Pistorious case, and the plastic bags ban in Rwanda.


A New Front and New Frontiers

Reality Check: A Russian invasion on a new Ukrainian front? And an interview with the President of the Alpbach European Forum, Franz Fischler.

Robin WIlilams

Robin and Riem

Robin Williams, a man she never met, accompanied her since she was 8 and this morning, gave her the courage to be open about depression.

Ambulance in Egypt

Egypt Has Unliked Hamas

Reality Check- the relationship between Gaza and Egypt and a peek inside a new Afro-Austrian lifestyle magazine

Palästinensische Frau auf der Flucht

Friends and Enemies

Reality Check: an increasingly isolated Russia still has some very big friends and the search for truth as age-old enemies call each other out on lies and fabrication.

Grinsender Erfinder des Peace-Games

The World Peace Game

...isn't just a game, it's a vital life lesson not only kids need to learn.

Thai Politician

Coup? Not true!

Reality Check: Thailand’s army declares martial law, Bangui, Balkans floods latest, China/USA cyber-spy story, Bosnian Serb army leader Mladic starts defence at The Hague.

Vladimir Putin

Two Strategies and a Celebration

Reality Check: what is Putin's Ukraine strategy, what does Boko Haram want, and Malta passes same-sex partnership and adoption laws.

Afghane mit Gewehr

The Dawn of Democracy in Afghanistan?

Less burkas, more headscarves, less warlords, more the will of the people?

Ein SChimpanse

A Mega-Culture Club in the Congo?

Reality Check: Syria Geneva II talks, Hypo Alpo Adria solution, Russian violent homophobia, American football gay tolerance, and mega-chimp culture found.

Mann umarmt Mädchen, Filmplakat "Book Thief"

The Book Thief

Markus Zusak, author of the bestselling novel "The Book Thief" gives FM4 a Reality Check on the journey from Australia to Hollywood via WW2 Germany and Austria.

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