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18. 7. 2013 - 14:33

FM4 Unlimited Charts, July 2013

10 musikalische Empfehlungen, ausgewählt von Functionist und Beware.

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Hier sind die FM4 Unlimited Top 10 für Juli. Und so wie die Radiosendung ist auch diese Auflistung sehr abwechslungsreich und enthält Songs aus verschiedenen Genres.

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Dizzy Womack - Black Ice

Austrian Producer Dizzy Womack once again pushes his international sounds via the web music heavyweight Top Billin´. Dizzy Womack formerly known as DJ Dizzy is clearly growing up!

Todd Terje - Strandbar (Samba Version)

Seasons greetings!

Pletzier - Fun Tonight

You´ll always find bangin´ beats on a moda black release.

Moderat - Bad Kingdom

This tune has melodies and good vocals on it. You might hear this on your favorite radio station a lot. But you should also check the video, made by Pfadfinderei.

Prosper & Azaxx - Prince is not dead

Good funky drum work combined with freaky vocals. A tune clearly dedicated to the icon, the artist formerly known as… we say: Prince forever.

Inner Life - One Night Love Affair (Janefondas edit)

Janefondas are an Austrian duo of Precious K and Stefan- S. While both are accomplished DJs and producers in their own rights and with a handful of brilliant tunes to their names, Janefondas is strictly disco. Or more strictly speaking, reworks of disco gems. This edit of Inner Life's "One night love affair", which features the vocals of the one and only Jocelyn Brown, is a representation of the Janefondas true love and knowledge for disco music and the dancefloor.

Jill Scott - It's love (Roman Rauch dub)

Whilst Roman Rauch is probably known for his fine work in the deep house genre, with releases on respected labels such as Philpot, Endless Flight and Caramelo, many of you may not have known that the man's roots also lie in hip hop (and by hip hop we mean that discipline of spending hundreds of hours and thousands of euros on obscure vinyl just to look for that perfect sample to flip). Roman's edit of this Jill Scott classic is warm, soulful and bumps perfectly on a warm summer night, a real gem in any dj crate. Oh, and he's just giving it away for free!?

TMS - Individualism

Odd Socks records releases records with a unique, musical approach to the dancefloor. With only four releases to date, label owners James Creed and Dickon Stone have already managed to create a special identity to their label. Its hard to really genrify the kind of music that they put out, if we had to try we would label it as music between deep house and 80's synth driven rnb. And that would just be scratching the surface. "Individualism" is from the label's fourth release, a compilation called "Trips and Trinkets". It was hard to pick a favourite from there, and we heavily recommend that you listen through the whole EP and the label's back catalogue.

Cottam - The Other World

More than often we end up liking tracks from people that we don't know too much about. It is probably because the people we are talking about just let their music do the talking. We have been following Cottam since his 2011 release on Aus Music, "Deep Deep Down". The guy's music is pretty much a cool mix of traditional house and techno structure with a choice of unexpected and original sounds. Hypnotic and unusual in a great way!

Simian Mobile Disco and Bicep - Sacrifice

Here is a record to which we did not expect the outcome, and we were very pleasantly surprised. Bicep, who are almost singlehandedly responsible for bringing back the 90s house aesthetic in UK club music of the last couple of years, got together with Simian Mobile Disco to make a simple yet effective techno anthem that is already in many a dj's record bag. We are sure this tune is being heard in festivals all over the world as you read this.