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4. 6. 2013 - 14:12

FM4 Unlimited: Eats Everything & Darius Syrossian

Beware and Functionist catch up with two of their favourite DJs in Ibiza.

Eats Everything

If there ever was a story about passion and talent bringing success in the music business, Dan Pearce a.k.a. Eats Everything is living proof. In 2011, with the aptly titled summer smash “Entrance Song”, Bristolian Dan Pearce pretty much went from hobby dj and producer to a professional in a matter of months. Following up with a series of solid club bangers, well crafted edits, and remixes (check out Dan's infectious version of Chicken Lips “He Not In”), Dan Pearce's bass heavy, breakbeat influenced brand of House music has made him a staple in many dj crates. The perfect combination of great productions and his prescence and charisma behind the turntables has made Eats Everything into an international dj star who attracts and entertains large crowds all over the world.

Functionist, Eats Everything und Beware

Radio FM4 / Functionist

Darius Syrossian

Darius Syrossian is probably one of the hardest working people in House music. From having dedicated 15 years of his early life working for legendary record shops Global Beat and Crash Records, to looking after an internationally successful label (Steve Lawler's Viva music), to running a weekly radio show; it's incredible that Darius still manages to maintain a dj schedule and also find time in the studio to keep feeding us sureshot productions for thedancefloor. Darius Syrossian's star has been rising high since 2012, producing club smashes such as his remix of Jem Atkins “Pushing On" on DJ Sneak's Magnetic label, and winning Dj Mags award for “BEST OF BRITISH, BREAKTHROUGH PRODUCER”. Having been somewhat of an insider's tip for years (he is practically regarded as a folk hero for Dance music in his hometown in Leeds), we are sure that Darius Syrossian will be spreading his sound of what he calls “True House Music” even further around the world.

Tune in to FM4 Unlimited today to hear what these two passionate and talented djs and producers have to say, when Functionist and Beware caught up with them at the International Music Summit 2013 in Ibiza.

Darius Syrossian und Eats Everything bei FM4 Unlimited

Die Interviews mit Darius Syrossian und Eats Everything sind heute, Dienstag, ab 14 Uhr bei Functionist & Beware in FM4 Unlimited zu hören. Im Anschluss gibt es die Sendung 7 Tage lang unter zum Nachhören.