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You got the rhythm, I got the rhythm...

28. 10. 2010 - 12:20

FM4 Unlimited Club 2010

A little bit about some of the acts playing at the Rathaus - Pol_On, Buraka Som Sistema, & Joyce Muniz.

  • FM4 Unlimited – Der FM4 Club im Wiener Rathaus

Freitag, 29.Oktober 2010

Mehr Infos zu Tickets und Line-Up auch hier.

The Rathaus in Vienna is a massive space, and since there are quite a few acts playing on the night of the FM4 Unlimited Club, here's me doing my bit to give you an impression of who is going to play and what they are going to play.

Since Functionist has written about Bomb the Bass, Young Punx and Motorpitch, I'm going to let you know about the remaining acts who are on the bill. Think of this as like a weather forecast, but for music.

Buraka Som Sistema Dj & MC set

Buraka Som Sistema

Expect bass. And a lot of it. That's just the way that J- Wow(second from left) and MC Kalaf(centre) from Buraka Som Sistema play. Big bad bass that make you clutch your chests, mad synth lines that make you lose your head, and tribal African percussion on top to put you in a trance. The music they play is designed to make the floor shake.


Pol On

Jacking house beats and uplifiting melodies. This DJ and production duo from Poland definitely know their house music and know how to keep you locked into the groove for hours and hours on end. This is music that makes your knees and hips do all the work, sending waves through your body and putting a smile on your face.

Joyce Muniz

Perhaps the most unpredictable one of the bunch. This natural born entertainer is so diverse that its hard to know what to expect. It could be stuff that makes you jump up and down throw your fists in the air, or it could be something deep and sexy that gets you touching yourself. Or maybe even both.

Joyce Muniz

See you there!