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Zelt, das für ForscherInnen eine Weltraumstation simuliert

Human guinea-pigs

What would you agree to do in the name of science? How about living on the side of a sleepy volcano experiencing what life could be like on Mars? As part of a Reality Check on researchers who experiment on themsleves, Steve Crilley caught up with crew members from NASA's HI-SEAS project.


1 letter, 2 years and 20,833 loose ends

Negotations for Brexit are formally launched

Alle Stories von Christian Cummins
Sarah Glidden

Comic Journalist Sarah Glidden

Telling important news stories about Syria, Iraq and Turkey in comic strip form. An accessible and intimate form of storytelling.

Alle Stories von Joanna Bostock
Blind Justice

The Blind Justice

A Reality Check Special in conversation with Justice Richard Bernstein of the Supreme Court of Michigan.

Alle Stories von Johnny Bliss

Beyond Darwin

The Evolution of the Galápagos Islands - from remote wildlife paradise to tourist destination.


Money for Nothing – Universal Basic Income

Finland is conducting a radical experiment in the way it delivers social security. Could a universal basic income help European countries tackle poverty, job insecurity and unemployment?

Alle Stories von Joanna Bostock

Children Under the Radar

Working to create a better future for child refugees.

Alle Stories von Christian Cummins

Into The Wild

Tracking wolves, bears and lynx - and their poo - in Slovakia

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Nackter Tänzer

The Politics of Dancing

My upcoming stint on 'Dancing Stars' got me thinking about how dance cross-steps politics.

Donald Trump wir von einer Trompete das Haar weggeblasen

How much Trump is too much Trump?

Air your views on Trump and the media in today's Reality Check

Alle Stories von Johnny Bliss
Eisbär vor Meer

Living with Polar Bears (and whales)

The people of Churchill, MB, in the arctic north of Canada have some very unusual neighbours; because they live on the migrational path of polar bears, seldom does a day go by without at least one bear sighting in town.

Alle Stories von Riem Higazi

The Audacity of Obama

An opinion piece.

Alle Stories von Steven Crilley
Die Milchstraße

Are we alone?

How is the search for extra-terrestrial intelligence going? A Reality Check on the hunt for that message from the heavens.

Alle Stories von Christian Cummins
Jan-Werner Müller

Why Populism Is Dangerous And How To Fight It

A wave of populist politics has been sweeping the world. Jan-Werner Müller says its perilously anti-pluralistic and denies the legitimacy of minorities. But what to do?

Alle Stories von Johnny Bliss
Australischer Gecko

Healing before you need to be healed

June Mills is an Aboriginal activist and artist from a tribe called the Larrakia, who have traditionally lived near the city of Darwin, Northern Australia. She has spent much of her life dealing with the traumas of European colonization and the Stolen Generation.

Alle Stories von Joanna Bostock
James Randi

“Skeptiker vom Dienst”

An interview with James Randi, winner of the first Heinz Oberhummer Award für Wissenschaftskommunikation.

Hillary Clinton

Should Clinton challenge the US election result?

Analysis of paper ballots and voting machines exposes discrepancies which could be evidence of manipulation.

Alle Stories von Christian Cummins

The Ivory Wars

The clock is ticking. African Elephants face extinction. Meet the people prepared to risk their lives to stop that happening.

Alle Stories von Joanna Bostock
Aral Balkan

We're all cyborgs being farmed by Silicon Valley

Activist, designer, and software developer Aral Balkan on digital slavery and how to combat it.

Alle Stories von Steven Crilley
Clinton vor US Flagge

Shattering the last glass ceiling.

As part of FM4's coverage of the US elections, Paul Brennan sat down with author and contributor to the Daily Beast, Eleanor Clift in Washington DC, for a focus on Hillary Clinton.