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Alle Stories von Steven Crilley

The extinction of the dinosaurs

11,126 pieces of rocks have been distributed throughout the world to 31 scientists for a huge research project on the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs. One of those scientists is Dr. Ludovic Ferrière, at Vienna’s Natural History Museum.


The Right Stuff

Millions dream of travelling into space but only a select few actually get there. FM4’s Reality Check sets out to discover what separates astronauts from the rest of us.

Alle Stories von Gersin Livia Paya
China Geschäfte

You’re at home, bǎobèi!

My first-time trip to the sovereign state of East Asia or let's say "The time when I travelled from Beijing to Hong Kong by train and fell in love with this planet".

Alle Stories von Steven Crilley

Life at 100

Reality Check examines longevity and if a majority of babies born today will live til at least the age of 100, what will life be like for them in the year 2116?

Alle Stories von Christian Cummins

A Voice For The Oceans

Céline Cousteau is a filmmaker, ecologist and adventurer. Dive into her world for a Reality Check Special.

Alle Stories von Steven Crilley
Ndumie Funda

Ndumie Funda

She became a prominent campaigner in South Africa against so-called ‘corrective rape’ because of two personal tragedies. She told her story to Reality Check's Steve Crilley.

Alle Stories von Johnny Bliss
Members of the 'Starmus Gang', as pictured by French Illustrator Audrey Hess

The most unique festival in the galaxy

I attended Starmus, a space, science and astrophysics conference on the Spanish island of Tenerife. Attendees included Stephen Hawking, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Brian May, Brian Cox, Brian Greene, and Brian Eno. We talked about the Future.

Alle Stories von Christian Cummins
Drei Menschen in einem Wald

Fighting For The Forest

Romania is home to Europe's last great primary forests and yet these are being rapaciously destroyed. Activists have set up a camp to make a stand against the deforestation.

Alle Stories von Joanna Bostock
Frau mit Kind

No Stranger Place

Portraits of refugees in Austria and the locals who have welcomed them into their homes and families.

Alle Stories von Riem Higazi
Somalia female president candidate

Another Female Presidential Candidate Making History

Hillary Clinton is in good company: one-time refugee Fadumo Dayib is Somalia's first female candidate for the upcoming presidential elections.

Alle Stories von Christian Cummins
Sonnenuntergang über dem Donaudelta

At Europe's Watery End

The Romanian Danube Delta is naturally and culturally rich, but economically poor. Can it achieve green development? A Saturday Reality Check Special.

Alle Stories von Christian Cummins
Plakat: Today I pledge to Love Like Jo (Cox)


As Brits vote on Brexit, a ceremony honours a pro-European politician whose message was all about togetherness.

Alle Stories von Kate Farmer
Twitter #brexit

Boilers, bluster, and the Brexit

How a few casual conversations revealed some unsettling truths about the Brexit debate

Alle Stories von Christian Cummins
FM4 Mikro auf einer englischen Wiese

Is the Genie out of the Bottle?

The Brexit vote divides a country - has it also led to the rise of "petty nationalism"? - a Saturday Reality Check special.

Polizei mit Tränengas gegen DemonstrantInnen

Vienna police under fire

Why your freedom to demonstrate may depend on your politics, according to Bernhard Weidinger of the Documentation Centre of Austrian Resistance

Alle Stories von Johnny Bliss

In the Schengen Zone, over 4,000 kilometres away...

St. Pierre & Miquelon are a couple islands in the North Atlantic, much closer to Canada than anywhere in Europe. For all intents and purposes, however, they are considered a part of France.

Alle Stories von Kate Farmer
Melanie Sully

Brexit brawl goes on, but who's read Article 50?

How a "leave" vote could see UK at the mercy of Brussels in more ways than they ever imagined.

Alle Stories von Christian Cummins
Teearbeiterin in Sri Lanka

Making Tea More Fair

Tea is healthy, but the working and living conditions of those who pluck it can be very unhealthy. What must change?

Alle Stories von Steven Crilley

Homophobia in soccer

Ahead of Euro 2016, is the culture of football changing towards becoming more inclusive?

Alle Stories von Joanna Bostock
Afghan MSF staff in one of the remaining parts of the MSF hospital after it was hit by the airstrike.

The Trauma of Kunduz

The October 2015 attack on the Médecins Sans Frontières Trauma hospital in Afghanistan was shattering, psychologically as well as physically.