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Freitag, 31. 3. 2017

Card Thief | Diagonale 17: Wen interessiert's? | Nationalistische "Wölfe" | Netzkultur News | Top FM4 | Dog's Bollocks

Morning Show (06-10)

with John Megill and Paul Pant

Our Dancing Star Riem Higazi is having her big moment tonight on TV – time to recall some of your worst Tanzschul-Experiences and play some dance tunes that will get you out of bed. Also, we’re walking around the Diagonale Film Festival and our colleague Steve Chaid comes in to tell us all about Austria Rush, an extreme sports event he is competing in. That’s it. Go big or go home.

The Different Game: "Card Thief"
Solitaire-Spiele, also Kartenspiele, die man ganz allein spielt, gelten nicht unbedingt als sexy - "Card Thief" tritt den Gegenbeweis an. Das hübsche Fantasy-Kartenspiel für Smartphone und Tablet schickt uns als geschickten Dieb auf taktische Raubzüge, bei denen wir möglichst unentdeckt bleiben sollen. Die Idee ist einfach, das Regelwerk komplex und das Design durchdacht bis in kleinste Details. Rainer Sigl ist für FM4 dem Charme eines kleinen, großen Spiels verfallen.

Update (10-12)

with Julie McCarthy

Termine | Webtip | Movie Update (Christian Fuchs) | Artist of the Week: HVOB (Andreas Gstettner-Brugger)

Reality Check (12-14)

with Chris Cummins

  • The Brexit outline

European Council President, Donald Tusk, this morning presented his phased plan for Brexit negotiations. Ryan Heath of Politico give his analysis of the priorities.

  • South Korea's Park jailed

Disgraced South Korean President, Park Guen-hya has been arrested and jailed, under suspicion she might try to destroy evidence in her corruption trial. Fabian Kretschmer reports from Seoul.

  • Flynn seeks immunity in return for testifying on Russia

Former US national security adviser, Michael Flynn, is demanding immunity from criminal prosecution if he agrees to testify against the Trump administration in the investigation into alleged Russian involvement in the presidential election. US political analyst, Brian Klass, explains why this is a major development with potentially very damaging consequences.

  • Rebuilding Turkish academia

Asli Odman from the Minar Sinan Fine Arts University lost her job because she signed a petition called "Academics for Peace". She explains how she and her colleagues are managing to carry on.

  • Life on Mars

Ahead of tomorrow's Reality Check special on Human Guinea Pigs, Zac Wilson talks about the 8 months he spent in a sealed dome, simulating a manned mission to Mars.

  • Argus Bike Festival

As Vienna prepares to host the Argus Bike Festival this weekend, Mikael Colville-Andersen from the Danish design group Copenhagenize explains why Vienna still has a long way to go to become a truly "bike friendly" city.

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FM4 Unlimited (14-15)

with Functionist and Beware

The daily cross-genre, eclectic styles mixshow.
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Connected (15-19)

mit Claudia Unterweger

Diagonale 17: Wen interessiert's?
Nach der Popularität des österreichischen Films in Österreich fragt Christoph Sepin.

Graue Wölfe
Türkische Nationalisten, bekannt und berüchtigt unter dem Namen "Graue Wölfe", bekommen im Rahmen des türkischen Wahlkampfs hierzulande wieder mehr Aufmerksamkeit. Kürzlich haben zwei Sänger, die der rechtsextremen Bewegung nahe stehen sollen, in Salzburg und Innsbruck Auftrittsverbote bekommen. Doch wer sind die Grauen Wölfe überhaupt? Und wie groß ist ihr Einfluss wirklich? Ali Cem Deniz klärt auf.

Netzkultur News (Christoph Weiss) | Livestream vom Lylit-Konzert aus dem Radiokulturhaus | Artist of the Week: HVOB (Andreas Gstettner-Brugger)

Top FM4 (19-21)

mit Hannes Duscher und Roli Gratzer

Ab in den Freitagabend mit Roli Gratzer, Hannes Duscher und seiner Gitarre. Mit viel frischer Musik, Live-Lebensberatung am Telefon, Gästen, sowie besseren und schlechteren Witzen.

Dog's Bollocks (21-06)

with Slack Hippy

8 1/2 Stunden Clubsounds - von deepstem House zu gebrochenstem Breakcore, von minimalem Techno zu maximalem Booty Funk, von krumm & krass zu soulful, je nachdem, wer gerade die Decks im Studio übernimmt.

21.00 – 22.00

Slack Hippy taking over the studio for his monthly rundown of new & old tunes. Strictly vinyl, Bass-lines vibrating and beats flowing. These 3 most important ingredients make Slack Hippys show The Dogs Bollocks.

Dogs Bollocks Selection

Chayell Beach Isle of Jura
Tony Allen & The Africa70 Afrodiscobeat (Africaine 808 rework) Comet
Alphonse Smokey (Future sound of Lyon remix) Especial
2 Bad Mice Limit of Paradise Sneaker Social Club
Octo Octa Move On Let Go ( De-Stress Mix ) Honey Soundsystem
Todd Terje Jungleknuggen ( Prins Thomas Remix ) Olsen Records
The Maghreban Brooklyn Black Acre
Dona The V.G.P Sessions Creme 12-93
DJ Stingray eRB4 (Kon001 remix) Lowerparts
Xstatic My Inspiration (Bjarki sweetest thing version) BBB Records

22.00 – 23.00

Live in the Studio: Shu (Berlin) turning us hosts and hopefully you listeners into vibrating piles of jelly with his deep, heavy, bassladen Dubstep sound.

23.00 – 00.00

Something special is going on in the Grelle Forelle in Vienna tomorrow night. The legend know as DJ Stingray 313 is coming to town. Presented and hosted by the Funkroom crew. Unfortunately we were unable to get a mix from Stingray himself so one of the crew from Funkroom is representing the event tomorrow with a very special ELECTRO mix, here on The Dogs Bollocks.

Martin is part of the viennese dj collective Funkroom. He is a Mexican who moved to Vienna 7 years ago. Since then, he collects records and spends his days playing music with his friends.

Sound of Mind Programming Frustrated Funk
Egyptian Lover Keep it Hot (Re-Mix) Egyptian Empire Records
Lost Trax Life out of Balance Frustrated Funk
Reberith Go Off! Bassex Rercords
Barada Detach/Observe Definitive Recordings
Erik Travis Phone Sex Clone Crown Ltd.
Unkown Artist Urges 1 (Maas Interdenominational Funk Canal Mix) Primitive
Dopplereffekt Speak & Spell Clone Classic Cuts
UR In or Out? (Wishywashy Artist Mix) Underground Resistance
B. Colloway Late Nite Ride 2 Electrofunk Records
Dj Di’jital Mind of the Master II Rawax Motor City Edition
Gestolten Cirkel Submit X Murder Capital
Dj Nasty Final Countdown Subject Detroit
O.S.C. A.1 Return of the Great Rooftop
Drexiya Triangular Hydrogen Strain Tresor
Dez Williams Reach the Void Shipwrec
Aux Men Time Travel Puzzlebox Records
DJ Overdose Haex Hrll L.I.E.S.
Vapourspace Opiate Tea Internal


A new club has opened in Vienna, in the 1st district it goes by the name of PRIME. Tomorrow is the 2nd opening night and theres a big, fat Footwork party going on. Again, it was impossible to get a mix from one of the main acts of the night as they are touring through Europe at the moment, so one of the hosts was kind enough to put together a mix from DJ Clents productions. Franzjazzco, already a guest on our show a couple of times, in the mix.

DJ Clent 3rd Wurle Dance Mania
DJ Clent Jap Out Booty Tune
DJ Clent Super Mario World Duck 'n Cover
DJ Clent Lift Me Up Juke Trax
DJ Clent So True Beatdown House
DJ Clent Red Legendz Booty Tune
DJ Clent The Wickedness Duck 'n Cover
DJ Clent Hold Up Perk Beatdown House
DJ Clent Hyper Feet 2 Duck 'n Cover
DJ Clent Look Swole feat. DJ Milton Duck 'n Cover
DJ Clent Clent's CPU Juke Trax
DJ Clent Still Chasing Me feat. DJ PJ Beatdown House
DJ Clent Cat Shit Juke Trax
DJ Clent They Coming!!!!! Beatdown House
DJ Clent TS Hoe Unreleased
DJ Clent See The Milkshake Booty Tune
DJ Clent No Dimes Beatdown House
DJ Clent Let's Get High Duck 'n Cover
DJ Clent In Those Jeans Beatdown House
DJ Clent Clent's Knee Deep Moveltraxx
DJ Clent Gone Off Acid Beatdown House
DJ Clent Trak-4-da-Women Juke Trax
Boylan & DJ Clent I Love Music Ghettophiles
DJ Clent Put Dis Dik Unreleased
DJ Clent Ball 'em Up Planet Mu
DJ Clent Robot Moveltraxx
DJ Clent Clent's Dog Catcher Planet Mu
DJ Clent Let The Bass Go Beatdown House
DJ Clent Back Up Off Me (Footwork Remix) Beatdown House
DJ Clent You Wack Unreleased

01.00 – 02.00

Newcomer alert, Newcomer alert! Mr. Rize aka Lothar Reisch is a Dub'n'Bass DJ from Kitzbühel living in Berlin. Coming out of this Ski resort which is known for everything else but an underground Scene he became a young padawan to the Kitzbüheler producer duo Warren Beatnik (Sathrum, Simonside) and kicked off small underground events with his own crew Drum Circle, reaching from Techno to Drum and Bass. With Berlin as his new Homebase, he is trying to bring a little more D'n'B into the Techno Capital, also he never wants to give up on his hometown and is working on a concept to host Partys again with some Berlin flavour in them.

Genotype Creative Elementz↲
Calibre Thirst Dub↲
Mode Stepping Stones↲
Lynch Kingsley Dubplate Request↲
Thing Sleepy Dub↲
Digital & Spirit Mosquito↲
Hidden Turn How To↲
Homemade Weapons Slowburn↲
Mauoq Scriven Dub↲
Dj Madd Kingdom↲
Tyrone Behemoth↲
Skeptical Imperial↲
Kid Drama & Skeptical Luv↲
Tokyo Prose See through Love↲
DRS Playin with Fire↲
Nether Neptune↲
Lenzman Burner

02.00 – 03.00

We have already featured Moony Me on the Dogs Bollocks and he has certainly been making a name for himself this last couple of years. His Label together with Roman Rauch, Secret Crunch is already making waves on the international circuit.

Leskin Monkey Track 2
DJ Slyngshot Tryna Get My Act Together
J. Albert Transparency
Me City Of Storms
Demuja 16 Volt
Roman Rauch Don’t You Try
Jared Wilson This Love
Paranoid London Buck Stoppin
Blake Baxter When A Thought Becomes U
Ford Foster This One Weird Trick
X-Press 2, Rob Harvey Kill 100 (Carl Craig Remix)
Fingers Of God Untitled_112
Moony Me Soul Mirage

03.00 – 04.00

Waz Experience. An old friend and WG companion of Slack Hippy and a regular to La Boum De Luxe since years, we are very, very happy to have Wazzy back on the show with an extra special Afro Mix to close things off for the night. Sit back and let the vibe take control.

Bosq Tumbala feat. Tempo Alomar Auntie Flo Dub
Kyodai Amazonia (Original Afro 2k16)
Braunbeck Not Just Play Music (Original Mix)
David Montoya Afrolatina (Vocal)
Oscar G, Lazaro Casanova, Futro What I Need (Original Mix)
Ann Nesby, DJ Spen I Feel (David Morales Def Mix)
Luca Lala L.A. Guan (Original Mix)
Palamino Oh My! (Original Mix)
Afro Warriors Uyankenteza (Toshi) (Hyenah Remix Vocal)
Mabiisi King (Sobek Remix)
AMADOU & MARIAM Je Pense à Toi (VOILAAA Remiix)
Inaky Garcia Afrovita (Original Mix)

04.00 - 06.00

Slack Hippie's 80ies Mix
Art Vega in the mix