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Dave Dempsey

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28. 3. 2017 - 11:19

Today's Webtip: Lynda Carter

Wonder Woman does 80's mainstream-weird in a wonderful way.

I have been doing some nostalgia surfing recently, going back and taking a look at the things I missed in my midwestern bubble back in the day. One of those things I stumbled across was the secret recording life of Lynda Carter.

The actress I really only knew because of Wonder Woman.

It turns out she has been performing music since the 70's, and even must have done some weird kind of musical variety show at one time. One that looks like an even campier version of Solid Gold.

That show at least featured the original artists performing playback with the help of the Solid Gold Dancers.

Lynda's version featured her interpretation of some "Rock" hits. And male dancers dressed like Kiss. And bananas.

Unfortunately, Ms. Carter hasn't enabled embedding for her out tube videos, but you can go visit her channel, se some of her other performances, or just follow this link to Lynda Carter's Rock 'n Roll Fantasy