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23. 3. 2017 - 11:51

Today's Webtip: Extreme Selfies

BBC portraits of those with no fear.

I am afraid of heights.

Terrified actually. Three steps up on a ladder and I can freeze. I have recurring nightmares of plunging to my death in a bus as it goes off the side of an overpass in the mountains. My legs get cramps from hitting an imaginary brake while sitting in a car driving through the mountains.

And my whole body reacts when I see a photo like this

Angela Nikolau

Having that image open next to the text entry field as I write actually makes it very difficult to type.

But I can't stop looking at it. And I can never resist one of those videos when I stumble across them. I don't ever seek the out, but I can't look away when confronted with one.

And the same thing always goes through my head. Why? How? What does it feel like to be that person? What does it take to overcome my instinct to nope the hell out of there?

Do they even have that instinct?

Someday I plan on finding out. Maybe. If I could manage to find some of them in more sane surroundings for a nice fireside chat. Until that time comes, I will have to make do with a few portraits provided by the BBC. The article doesn't answer all of my questions, but it is still a glimpse behind the images that I haven't found before.

The daredevils feeding a dangerous Russian craze

And just it case it isn't obvious: Kids, don't even think about trying this at home (or anywhere else).