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22. 3. 2017 - 14:02

Today's Webtip: Jeff Hong

Unhappily Ever After. The darker side of Disney.

I grew up on Disney stuff. And one of the things that really stuck in my head was how whole "happily ever after". I don't know if that is a particular American twist to fairy tales or not, but there is one particular flavour of optimism that I haven't felt much round these parts.

That said, Disney can be dark. Lots of dead parents, orphaned kids, abused children, unjust dealings, and massively corrupt authorities. But in the end, everything always turns out fine. And then Jeff Hong came along.

Driftwood by Jeff Hong

He takes Disney characters and puts them in modern scenarios that help draw attention to important issues while creating some pretty powerful imagery.

You can find the rest of that project on his tumblr