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Dave Dempsey

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21. 3. 2017 - 12:44

Today's Webtip: Mac in a box

Or PC, actually. Ancient computers running your browser.

Ever wonder what it was like to be doing digital stuff log before the idea of digital natives was a thing?

Ever wanted to try to struggle with the apps of early desktop publishing? Or try to paint with pixels like the grandmasters of old?

Well, now you can do it all without even having to worry about scsi termination or unpacking tarballs. You can even give some good old shuffle puck a shot, and learn the true frustration of insurmountable lag.

You can choose from one of several Mac hardware and system configurations. try your hand on an Atari ST, or relive the horror of Windows 3.0. It's a great way to learn some empathy for your grandparents or just remind yourself just how far we have come.

A Mac Plus running System 6 with lots of games

Or one running System 7 with some very useful apps