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Dave Dempsey

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14. 3. 2017 - 12:10

Today's Webtip: Chewbacchus

When Star Wars meets Mardi Gras. The results are out of this world.

Ok, I know it's a little late for Carnival/Fasching/Mardi Gras stuff, but I ran across this video and felt a shimmer of hope that something similar could be organised in Austria for the coming year.

I mean, I know there is a pretty huge Star Wars fan base out there that would actually have the basics already at hand, and it might be worth it to organise some costume workshops for anyone who doesn't but still wants to take part.

Oh, sorry. What am I talking about? The Star Wars Mardi Gras parade. Chewbacchus.

I mean, having an organised but potentially spontaneous group of costumed individuals ready to roll at any decent excuse for a party would be a sort of awesome thing...