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12. 2. 2017 - 08:24

FM4 Gästezimmer mit Júníus Meyvant

Die Top sechs einer isländischen Plattensammlung.

FM4 Gästezimmer mit Júníus Meyvant

Am Sonntag, den 12.2. in FM4 Connected und danach 7 Tage lang im FM4 Player.

Júníus Meyvant mag Österreich, und Österreich mag Júníus Meyvant und seine oft bluesigen Indiefolk-Balladen.

Nicht umsonst war der isländische Musiker vor kurzem unser Artist Of The Week, hat im ausverkauften Wiener Chelsea- und jetzt kürzlich auch im ausverkauften Jazzclub Porgy & Bess gespielt. Sein Debütalbum "Floating Harmonies" ist letztes Jahr erschienen, jetzt ist er die meiste Zeit unterwegs - mit seiner Band, die er liebevoll genauso nennt.

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Júníus Meyvant

Obwohl er relativ spät begonnen hat, Musik zu machen, und generell ein eher zurückhaltender Typ ist, dem die Vorstellung vom Rampenlicht eher einen bitteren Geschmack im Mund beschert, findet er langsam Gefallen an der wachsenden Aufmerksamkeit der Musikwelt. "My band grows with every gig, we tighten up as a group - and, most of all and most importantly, we get to know the songs better and better, by playing them live so often."

FM4 Gästezimmer

hier gibt's alle bisherigen.

Was bei Júníus Meyvant und seinen Floating Harmonies im Tourbus läuft - oder was er hört, wenn er durch die isländische Landschaft streunt, hat er uns fürs FM4 Gästezimmer verraten.

Howlin‘ Wolf - Back Door Man

The first song I picked because it's one of the rawest blues songs ever written, but with a cool feeling. It's just that the beat of the song and everything around it seems kind of mean. If I'm showing someone a blues song, I'd definitely pick that one, because it's not the typical one, and this is because of the beat mentioned.

Muddy Waters - I Can’t Be Satisfied

The second song is also a blues song. It's the first recording that any musician made with just an electric guitar, one upright base and one voice. And this is the first electric guitar blues playing album, that's really cool, you gotta listen to the lines and strings carefully. It influenced guys like Mark Knopfler, Eric Clapton and so on, they all love it. They have to love it.

Tame Impala - Elephant

I really like Tame Impala, and I think their best song is "Elephant". It's just a pure rocksong. It feels like being on the road, just cruising around. My son also loves that one. If you ask me how rock is supposed to be or sound like, I would need to tell you that there's much wrong with it today, produced with too much compression, too much digitalization. But that Tame Impala song is just that lo-fi, analog rock sound which is not to much, it is, as said before, just pure rock.

Bob Dylan - Tonight I’ll be staying here with you

The next song I chose is by Bob Dylan, it's one of those I whistle from time to time. It's from the Album "Nashville Skyline". The funny thing is, that critics never really liked that one, because he changes his voice, and he gives a shout out to country music, which I love. I think it's one of the best sounding Albums I've ever heard, it's so warm, I really love it.

Karen Dalton - Katie Cruel

Katie Dalton actually was friends with Bob Dylan, the king of mainstream-folk. "Katie Cruel" is a fantastic song, with only one violin and guitar, and of course a Banjo. Her voice hits you straight into the face, which is what I love most about it.

The Staple Singers - Freedom Highway

Again a great voice, Mavis Staples, who sounds like an old black spiritual Gospel single. I most of all love her live performances, when sometimes her dad joins her on stage and plays the guitar, or her brother and sister come singing with her. You should definitely listen to that song.

FM4 Gästezimmer mit Júníus Meyvant

Am Sonntag, den 12.2. in FM4 Connected und danach 7 Tage lang im FM4 Player.

Howlin‘ Wolf Back Door Man
Muddy Waters I Can't Be Satisfied
Tame Impala Elephant
Bob Dylan Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You
Karen Dalton Katie Cruel
The Staple Singers Freedom Highway