Standort: / Meldung: "Hillary about to "claw her way back"?"

Kate Farmer

Cutting to the chase

10. 2. 2016 - 14:07

Hillary about to "claw her way back"?

Reality Check: New Hampshire primaries, the situation on Lesbos, France's anti-terror plans, choosing the Secretary General of the United Nations.

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Substantial wins for Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are shaking up the US primary season.

Although New Hampshire has proved supportive of the Clintons in the past, it was Bernie Sanders who swept to a dramatic victory yesterday, leaving Hillary Clinton over 20 points behind him.


AFP/Jewel Samad

Bernie Sanders celebrates a crushing win over Hillary Clinton - but can he sustain the momentum in South Carolina and Nevada?

Meanwhile, Donald Trump surged ahead of all rivals, making it hard to see where a serious challenger can come from.

Analyst, James Boys, gives his reactions to the results.

New Hampshire primaries

The situation on Lesbos

Lidwina Dox of the Red Cross describes her experiences in a month or coordinating refugee aid and rescue teams, and training volunteers on Lesbos.

Situation on Lesbos

Controversial anti-terror laws in France

The French parliament is due to vote on controversial changes to the constitution regarding stripping convicted terrorists of their citizenship. Catherine Field reports from Paris.

France anti-terror law

Choosing the UN Secretary General

Irina Bokova


Irina Bokova, UNESCO Bulgarian general director, is one of the candidates to succeed Ban Ki Moon

With Ban Ki Moon set to stand down at the end of this year, a group calling itself "1 for 7 billion" has launched a campaign to make the selection process for his successor more transparent.

Co-founder of the campaign, Natalie Samarasinghe, says the current system is as secretive as that of choosing the Pope, and it it high time that the people of the world should have a say in who gets the job, or at least a say in how he or she is chosen.

1 for 7 billion

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