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Steve Crilley

God, what's happening in the world! A reality check on the web.

20. 1. 2016 - 16:26

She's back!

But does she matter in 2016? Sarah Palin stumping for the Trump on Reality Check.

Standing on a podium with Donald Trump last night, she endorsed the business magnate/wanna-be runner for the Whitehouse.

According to Wikipedia, Mr Trump’s “outspoken manner have helped make him a celebrity”. Change “him” to “her” and that entry could equally apply to Mrs Palin herself.

Here we have two larger than life personalities whose lives have featured in reality TV shows, and America is going crazy wondering, what if…? Should we too?

Well, I guess this is America where dreams can come true and anything can happen and sometimes does! Today, we went back to Priscilla Huff, our correspondent in Washington DC for an update and a little behind the scenes of what's going on the Republican campaign trail. In fact, Priscilla told me, and everyone listening to Reality Check just a couple of weeks ago straight up, that Donald Trump would not be the next President. So, after settling what Sarah Palin is up too here, I was also keen to know if Priscilla was changing her mind about the fortunes of Donald Trump, bearing in mind all the surveys that were pointing more and more in his favour?

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Pakistan Taliban attack on a University
As well as the fate of the Republican party in this election year, we also took a long hard look at events in north-western Pakistan after another attack on students there. Shashank Joshi, our security correspondent, told us more about the region and what is going on within the Taliban movement that makes militants think they can gain anything out of killing university students and their teachers.

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Manfred Nowak
Closer to home, an asylum summit has been taking place today in Vienna. There’s plenty of talk of border fences, more police or army personnel stepping in as we are expecting thousands more refugees to arrive in the coming weeks. So, we sat down with lawyer Manfred Nowak for a few thoughts as to Austria’s obligations and future direction on asylum issues, with all the challenges that lie ahead in 2016.

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And the Oscar goes to……
Where would we be without the Oscars? An occasion to honour the greatest screen offerings & film industry people from the past 12 months. But the criticism this year has of course been about the lack of diversity when it comes to the nominees list. Should we be surprised, concerned or join in the boycott? We spoke with Dr. Deborah Dean of Warwick Business School, who specialises in equality issues in employment and contingent work in the entertainment industry.

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