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21. 12. 2015 - 15:47


what did the people tell politicians at the weekend? Reality Check heads to Madrid.

Supporters of left wing party Podemos look at their mobile phones ahead the results of Spain's general elections in Madrid, last night.

Spain's acting prime minister, Mariano Rajoy, has said he will try to form a stable government that will build on work carried out over the past four years by his centre-right People's Party.

It all follows a disappointing general election result which left Rajoy's party with just 122 seats, far less than the 176 seats needed for an absolute majority. The opposition Socialists won 91 seats, with newcomer parties left-wing Podemos and market-friendly Ciudadanos getting 69 and 40 seats each respectively.

But what does the weekend’s result tell us about where the country is at? Guy Hedgecoe in Madrid has been up all night watching all the numbers as they came in and, as he told us, anything now is possible as far as a new Spanish government is concerned.


Self-driving cars in California can't be driverless!!
Presumably one of the advantages of investing in a self-driving car is that you don't have to drive the thing. I mean, in theory, you wouldn't even have had to pass a driving test. What would be the point since the car drives itself and there would be no steering wheel or pedals or gears? The computer does it all, right?

Well, the California Department of Motor Vehicles seems to be rolling things back somewhat. Draft regulations have been published which would initially exclude truly driverless cars from operation. The licensing authority is suggesting that fully licenced drivers need to be in control. In fact, according to their Website:-

"A licensed operator will be required to be present inside the vehicle and be capable of taking control in the event of a technology failure or other emergency".

Daniel Sokolov from has been looking at the whole issue of self-driving cars and tells us what the future really holds.

Self-Driving Cars

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