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Kate Farmer

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12. 11. 2015 - 15:15

Sinjar: "interdicting the supply route"

Reality Check: the battle for Sinjar, Malta conference day 2, Burundi violence, Greece general strike, Share the Meal



Ground forces led by Kurdish Peshmerga fighters are well organised and are thought to have a good chance of recapturing Sinjar from Islamic State militants.

Kurdish forces in Iraq, backed by US led airstrikes, are engaged in a massive operation to retake the key strategic town of Sinjar from Islamic State Militants. Military analyst, Paul Beaver gives his insight into the latest developments.

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Malta migrant conference

Dan Whitehead reports from Valetta on the second day of the EU-African summit on migration.

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Police violence is common in Burundi - and getting worse.

Burundi violence escalates

The African state of Burundi is facing a spiral of violence following and attempt by controversial leader, Pierre Nkurunziza, to extend his presidency to a third term.

Phil Clark of the School of Oriental and African Studies explains the dangers the country and its people are facing.

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Greek general strike

Helena Smith reports from Athens as Greece grinds to a halt with a general strike. It's the first mass protest against the new leftist led government and could herald a hard and difficult winter.

Share the meal

Share the Meal

Just 40 cents can feed a child

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"Share the Meal"

The World Food Programme is launching a new app. to allow everyone to help ease world hunger. The app.'s designer, Sebastian Stricker, explains how it works.

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