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1. 7. 2015 - 11:08

Today's Webtip: Greek Links

Indiegogo can't keep going, Attac examines where the money went, and the Press Project is trying to keep facts on track.

Interesting times. We are living in them.

But it's getting hard to actually keep track of just what's happening. Information, misinformation and disinformation is all being generated at such blinding speeds that it has become increasing difficult to tell one from the other.

Do you really know what's going on in Greece? Have you seen the headlines, heard the casual insults or just scanned your feeds? Or have you ever tried to actually nail down just where the money went? Or rather, isn't going right now?

Attac did. And Profile wrote an article about it. In 2013.

Actually, most of the media seemed to have reported about it at some time back then. The actual press release is hard to find right now, but apparently Attac went through numbers released by the IWF, ESWF and the EZB and found some rather interesting results. A story that seemed to have died a quick death.

A story that is interesting considering the things happening at Indiegogo.

Because Thom Feeney decided to take a different track with some bailout money. He started an Indiegogo campaign to raise 1.6 billion Euro for Greece. Money that he intends to be directed straight back into the Greek economy. Yes, it's a weird and potentially risky way to try to help out, but the story is entertaining, and when the servers are actually working you can watch the money pile in from around the world. After watching a few scammers take advantage of people's goodness I keep telling myself I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts, and will continue to hit refresh on the Greek Bailout Fund page just to be awed by the strange show of solidarity and potential.

Another page I will be hitting refresh on frequently is the Press Project's LIVE FEED: Greferendum Countdown

That sites purpose?

"To ensure that what is happening in Greece is being reflected accurately by the international media, TPP will be running a live feed all week in English as well as in Greek. Misinformation and myth peddling, as well as scare mongering, must be countered with accurate and responsible reporting."

Let's see if it will help...