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Joanna Bostock

Reading between the headlines.

21. 5. 2015 - 14:50

Ancient treasures under threat

Reality Check: Palmyra & IS; Bin Laden's documents; Australia & Eurovision; Australian author Anita Heiss.

EPA/Youssef Badawi

Founded some time in the second millenium BC, the ancient city of Palmyra was once a major hub on the Silk Road. It is home to some of the most beautiful and well-preserved ruins of antiquity.

Historic site under control of IS

The famous archaeological site in the ancient town of Palmyra in Syria is now under the control of Islamic State militants. Sam Schubert of Webster University on the likelihood IS won’t destroy the ancient treasures, and the value of such an action to IS.

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Bin Laden’s bookshelf

Documents from Osama bin Laden’s compound, which were seized during the raid in which he was killed, have been released by the US. The books and documents provide an insight into the al Qaeda leader’s mind. Analysis from security expert Shashank Joshi.

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Australian Eurovision

The song contest has a huge following in Australia, and this year particularly, because the country has been invited to compete. We ask Eurovision historian Dean Vuletic why Eurovision is such a big thing down under.

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Aboriginal identity

A conversation with Anita Heiss, Australian writer, academic and activist. Born to an Aboriginal mother and Austrian father, much of her work deals with questions of identity and the problems that Aboriginal people continue to face.

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