Standort: / Meldung: "Give diplomacy an(other) chance"

Kate Farmer

Cutting to the chase

11. 9. 2013 - 14:07

Give diplomacy an(other) chance

Reality Check: Obama back down on Syria, government ministries and the civil service, new protests in Turkey, model plane bomb in Germany, Martin Habacher

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President Obama has postponed the vote in Congress on military intervention in Syria to allow time for the new diplomatic initiative to be explored.

Obama address


President Obama made a televised speech to the nation outlining his new stragegy on Syria

However, he says he will keep the pressure on, and the military will be ready to respond should diplomtic measures fail. Analyst Steven Hill gives his interpretation of the latest developments.

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The ministries and the civil service

Professor Peter Gerlich explains the delicate balance of power between the civil service and the government ministers in the different ministries.

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New protests in Turkey

Fresh protests have broken out in Turkey following the death of a demonstrator in the southern city of Antakya. Our correspondent, Christian Schüller, reports on the ongoing discontent in Turkey since the mass protests in June.

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Model plane bomb plot in Germany

German police have confiscated a "functional" bomb and a number of model planes that a neo-Nazi group was planning to use against it political enemies. Our Belin correspondent, Jessica Ware, gives a personal take on the neo-Nazi presence in everyday life in Germany.

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Martin Habacher

Riem Higazi meets Martin Habacher, a blogger, media consultant, film maker and communicator - and a man who has overcome some formidable physical challenges.

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