Standort: / Meldung: "Major steps forward in Egypt"

Kate Farmer

Cutting to the chase

13. 8. 2012 - 13:33

Major steps forward in Egypt

Reality Check: Morsi removes top army chiefs, what Paul Ryan can do for the Romney campaign.

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Egypt's President Morsi has removed 2 key military chiefs in what is being seen as the most significant move since the revolution that ousted President Mubarak.

It appears that the two, who were key figures in the military leadership, agreed to go into retirement and will continue as "advisers" to Morse, although the exact conditions are not known.

Our Cairo correspondent, Karim El Gawhary, says this could
be a face saving exercise, but it's clear that Morsi is acting quickly and decisively to shift power away from the military towards elected officials.

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  • The Romney-Ryan mix

Mitt Romney announced his running mate for the presidential elections in the US at the weekend. It is the hard line conservative, Paul Ryan.

However, as soon as Romney made the announcement, he was distancing himself from Ryan's fiscal plans. While Ryan will be popular with the conservative base, his plans for further privatisation of pension and health care, and his proposals for tax relief for the very rich, will not go down well with the more moderate Republican voters, and could be useful weapons for the Obama campaign.

Political campaigner and analyst Stefan Bachleitner considers the appointment and what it will mean for both candidates.

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