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Dave Dempsey

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27. 3. 2012 - 11:28

Today's Webtip: Data Dealer

a playful explanation of online privacy issues.

It's hard to find a day that hasn't included some kind of news about privacy issues. Mobile apps grazing your address book or leaking your account info, mobile phones and providers that track your every move, supposedly secure data sets being left on trains, governments forcing companies to collect whatever they can...

It's so pervasive that many people have just stopped worrying about it. Or rather it's so pervasive that many people aren't even aware of the many way's they are giving up potentially valuable or dangerous information for, well, not much.

You could try to keep yourself informed by reading blogs, forums, websites, or the occasional dead tree article; or you could play a game.

Yes, a group from Vienna has decided to turn privacy abuse into a game. Not a standard desktop game, mind you, a Facebook game.

Of the Irony!

Anyway, the website for the game has gone live today. You can play a demo, read about the project, or watch a video about it. Well, actually, you can see the video right here: