Standort: / Meldung: "Is Russia softening its stance on Syria?"

Kate Farmer

Cutting to the chase

2. 3. 2012 - 15:34

Is Russia softening its stance on Syria?

Reality Check: Russia-Syria, Andrew Breitbart obit, Attac meeting in Greece, US summit fatigue, social impact awards

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Ahead of Sunday's presidential election in Russia, there are signs Vladimir Putin could be changing his supportive stance on Syria.


Ria Novosti/Alexey Nikolsky

Putin addresses supporters at a meeting in Moscow

After previously protecting Russia's ties to Syria, Putin now appears to be joining international calls for a quick solution to the crisis, but also says he can still envisage Syria being led by Bashar Assad.

Although Putin is usually carefully focussed on the media at home, he recently seems to be paying more attention to the his image abroad, so is this a sign of the direction he may be taking the country if he wins on Sunday?

Charles Maynes in Moscow looks at the mood ahead of the elections, which will almost certainly see Putin returned to the Kremlin.

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  • Controversial US activist dies

Andrew Breitbart, the controversial conservative Internet activist dies at the age of 43. His outspoken views made him a darling of the tea-party, and a feared opponent of the democrats. Reality Check looks at his impact on US politics, and what will his death mean to the Republican campaign.

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As EU leaders meet in Brussels, Lisa Mittendrein of Attac discusses the problems and issues raised at the international Attac meeting in Greece with Joanna Bostock.

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  • Covering the EU

As yet another EU summit gets underway, Vanessa Mock looks at the problems and pitfalls of reporting on the EU, and why coffee is such an important part of the EU lifestyle.

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  • Social impact awards

Riem Higazi finds out what really makes a difference to the world with Chaska Amrbruster of the Social Impact Awards.

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