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Riem Higazi

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30. 1. 2012 - 16:08

Money, Anger, Sport and War on Stage

Reality Check: EU Youth Unemployment, a financial transaction tax, protests in Russia, London's Olympic Village, and a play about the Iraq War.

spanish unemployed


Spanish people waiting for a job.

Youth Unemployment

Young people should be offered a good job within four months after leaving school, EU leaders will say at an informal summit today according to a draft statement obtained by EurActiv. More than 5.5 million young people in the EU are unemployed – Spain is the hardest hit, with youth unemployment there edging close to 50%. Chris Cummins spoke with FM4's Brussels correspondent Vanessa Mock to find out more...

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France's Financial Transaction Tax

President Sarkozy hasn't officially said he's going to run for a second term in the up-coming Presidential election in France BUT he is making all sorts of indications that he wants to be the one to protect a volatile economy in Europe for a few years yet to come. One suggestion he has made--a financial transaction tax. Riem higazi spoke to ATTAC's David Walch to see if this suggestion is a thumbs up or a thumbs down situation...

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Protests in Russia

It was a bit of a white-out in central Moscow yesterday and not because of a snow blizzard. White ribbons and white balloons were worn, held, and let go by anti-Putin protesters. Just outside the capital, a pro-Putin protest was also taking place... our man in Moscow, Charles Maynes reports from both demonstrations.

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London Olympic Village

What does it take to build an (Olympic) village? That's what Joanna Bostock asked Nina-Maria Potts, FM4's London correspondent.

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Time Stands Still

A poignant play at Vienna's English Theater describes the horrors of the Iraq war through the eyes of two journalists.

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