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17. 9. 2011 - 11:39

Today's Webtip: #USDOR #sep17

one citizen, one dollar, one vote.

I posted a link to several months ago. Inspired by the Arab Spring, a group of US citizens decided to try to organize their own display of dissatisfaction with the way things are working.


What's bothering them? Special influences in the political system. They are convinced that corporations have come to exert too much control over the political system in the United States. What do they want? Reformation of the campaign finance laws. They want to get corporate spending out of the system. Something that has become very legal since a court ruled that corporations are people and contributions count as political speech.

I have been watching them try to build up support and engagement over the last couple of months, and today is the day they want people in L.A. Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, Austin and New York City to take to the side walks to voice their discontent.

Why sidewalks? Because sidewalks are one of the few remaining public spaces people might be able to gather without a permit. They plan on using it as a test of the remaining 1st ammendment right in the U.S. You can see their plans and tactics and for details on the situation and problems faced due to the lack of commons, you can check out their explanation of their tactics.

And you can follow along to see if anything is happening, or just watch the trolls at #USDOR and the more active #sep17.

There is also at least one page promising to livestream the day. It's just playing back some video right now, but it's including some pretty funny clips so it still might be worth your time.