Standort: / Meldung: "temp~ Festival: Art as an Experiment."

Johnny Bliss

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9. 8. 2009 - 10:23

temp~ Festival: Art as an Experiment.

Festival without Capitalism.

This year I had the incredible honor of performing live at the temp Festival in Greifenstein, along with the likes of Mieze Medusa and Tenderboy, Evirgen, 19Hertz, and Diaz. And this was just on Friday night.

At the temp Festival at any given time there is music going on on three main stages, and one after hours. The differences in the music are vital and tangible: on one stage you find a mixture of free jazz, dubstep, and techno (courtesy of Evirgen), while only a few steps away you may find breakcore (lodsb), or droning ambience featuring a black balloon which could put the Kills to shame (Rauscher). There is no clear "temp" sound, it is more of a hodgepodge from one end to the other of Austrian electronic music.

farewell my black balloon

Johnny Bliss 2009

There may be no clear sound, but there is a clear spirit to the whole affair. The artists and crew at some points outnumber the actual audience, but you get the feeling of being surrounded by like-minded souls -- this is the kind of audience you can't buy with tickets and advertising.

I give you an example. Some fifteen minutes after my set, as I stood there in a dark corner, brooding over the pros and cons of my live performance, suddenly two guys come up and tell me how much they liked some particular lyric I had performed.

After ten minutes of gushing over my set, I ask them who they are, and it turns out they work here. But who cares?

The temp Festival is not a festival in the contemporary sense of the word. It is more of a gathering, an artist's convention. DJs play experimental sets they wouldn't dare to play in a commercial setting. For my part, I played a two-day old song to good effect. This is the sort of place you can do that.

temp festival chilling

Johnny Bliss 2009

people sitting on a couch (Temporarily)

Johnny Bliss 2009

If that looks and sounds good to you, check it out for next year. After all, what is a live performance if not temporary?