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4. 8. 2009 - 01:22

Vampire Weekend - Singing In The Rain

Teil 2 einer Fotoserie über den Sommer in New York

Teil 1 - Catwalk Coney Island

All Points West Festivalberichte

NYC -> Fähre -> New Jersey -> Liberty State Park -> All Points West Festival 09 -> Sonne -> Wolken -> T-Storms -> Wind -> Große Bühne -> Vampire Weekend -> Singing In The Rain -> Rain Stop -> Rain Maker.

FM4 / Chistian Lehner

I Stand Corrected*

FM4/ Christian Lehner

The Admiralty Surveys The Remnants Of The Fleet

FM4 / Christian Lehner

Look Outside At The Raincoats Coming, Say OH

FM4 / Christian Lehner

Mystic Seaport?

FM4 /Chistian Lehner

I`ll Take My Stand

FM4 / Christian Lehner

My Shoulder's Cold

FM4 / Christian Lehner

I See A Mansard Roof Through The Trees

FM4 / Chrstian Lehner

Turn And Walk Back To Your Room

FM4 / Christian Lehner

All The Way To New Jersey Out Of Cape Cod Tonight

FM4 / Chistian Lehner

Who Gives A Fuck About An Oxford Comma?

FM4 / Christian Lehner

The Kids Don´t Stand A Chance

FM4 / Christian Lehner

No Rain?

FM4 / Christian Lehner


*Captions by Vampire Weekend except YYYs.