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You got the rhythm, I got the rhythm...

28. 7. 2009 - 14:04

FM4 Unlimited with Jacques Renault

Today, we got Jacques Renault with his Summer 2009 mix from the DFA radiomix series.

FM4 Unlimited Summerteam

MO-FR von 14 bis 15 Uhr

Thank heavens for people who spend hours and hours in front of their computer surfing the internet. Big thank you to Michael from the UNLTD site for letting us know about this one. See, I didn't even know that DFA did something like a mix series.

Sure we play quite a lot of the tunes from the label - Juan Mclean, The Rapture - remember how we rinsed out Holy Ghost Hold On last year? What I like about DFA so much is that they really come up with a whole bunch of projects that I don't expect, which keeps things super interesting. Also, while there are whole bunch of labels out there that try to be hip and cool, down with the kids etc. DFA is really amongst the few that truly achieve this.

Jacques Renault

This summer mix is done by Jacques Renault - classically trained musician, globe trotting DJ and producer from the New York disco elite, as well as being part of Runaway. This mix is great - tons of wicked disco edits and reworks. Good good stuff.

You can download the mix from the DFA radio mixes page. I recommend you check out some of their previous mixes too.

Jacques Renault
Summer in the city mix

artist song label
Cousin Ice Catch your glow (Jacques Renault Summer in the city edit) Urban Rock
Floyd Beck Party is the solution Precision
Loose Change Straight from the heart (Plastic Ian edit) Better Days
Bionic Boogie Chains (Nitedog anonstop edit) Blackdisco
Valery Allington Stop (Special electronic version) Emergency
Eddie Kendricks Goin up in smoke (Super value edit) Supervalue
Norm Talley The journey Third Ear
Rick Wade I cant take it Harmonie Park
M. In Work that body Off
DJ Sprinkles Grand Central pt1 (Deep into the bowel of house) (MCDE raw mix) Mule Musiq
K. Alexi Dont cha want it? (Warehouse mix) Underground
Tricksi Lost jams 2 Stilove4music

This is what Functionist played first.

artist song label
Juice Aleem Higher Higher Big Dada
The Police Voices Inside My Head A&M
Mount Airy Feenin Beats  
Nickodemus La Lluvia ft. Richard Shepherd Wonderwheel/ESL