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You got the rhythm, I got the rhythm...

16. 7. 2009 - 14:43

FM4 Unlimited with DJ Whatever

The artist formerly known as DJ Whatever is in the mix today.

DJ Whatever is dead. Not Philip Schultes himself, but the deejay. He's serious too. Just try googling DJ Whatever on the internet, the myspace and facebook pages are gone. All that's left is an outdated website.

FM4 Unlimited Summerteam

MO-FR von 14 bis 15 Uhr

I had a word with Whatever about this a couple weeks ago, and he told me that the main reason that he is killing off this project is that he's been doing this for more than ten years now, and he feels that it's time to move on.

DJ Whatever

Werner Blaszovsky

I asked him if he was going to come back with a new thing, he said "yes, but I'm not going to let anyone know it's me." The only hint he gave me was that it would be something to do with visuals and music.

So I guess soon, we'll be having a Fake Blood aka DJ Touche situation, where people will be speculating about who's the actual person behind the music. Or maybe it's even happening right now. Maybe DJ Whatever is already cooking up something new that we don't know yet. Maybe it's something you already know... I'll let you know when the day comes that I find out.

So tuned into the show over the Summer to hear DJ Whatever for the last time on radio.

Today's setlist (16.07.09)

artist song label
Ryan Leslie You're Not My Girl white
Jay-Z vs INXS Change Clothes (mash up) white
Padlock 7th Heaven white
Nu Shooz I can't wait  
Love Unlimited Orchestra I Wanna Stay 20th Century
Q-Tip Vivrant Thing Arista
The Foreign Exchange Purple Flip (ft. Questlove, Zo! & Carlitta Durand) white
Does it offend you, yeah We are Rockstars (Luny P. Yeah rx) Almost Gold
Armand Van Helden Illin' n fillin' it (Malente's The Monster is Loose rx) Southern Fried
Dilemn Flying Guitars Future Perfect
Rudenko vs. Missy Elliot Cop that shit (Bootleg extended) white
Wolfgang Gartner Wolfgang's 5th Symphony white
Michael Jackson Thriller (Louis La Roche rx) Epic
The Young Punx Fire (Phonat rx) MofoHifi
Santigold Creator (Photomachine Breakup rx) Downtown
Buraka Som Sistema Aqui Pra Voces )Mastiksoul Samba rx) Enchufada
Nick & Danny Chatelain Katrinyla (Buff Buff rx) Goanche