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Zelt, das für ForscherInnen eine Weltraumstation simuliert

Human guinea-pigs

What would you agree to do in the name of science? How about living on the side of a sleepy volcano experiencing what life could be like on Mars? As part of a Reality Check on researchers who experiment on themsleves, Steve Crilley caught up with crew members from NASA's HI-SEAS project.

Die Milchstraße

Are we alone?

How is the search for extra-terrestrial intelligence going? A Reality Check on the hunt for that message from the heavens.

Clinton vor US Flagge

Shattering the last glass ceiling.

As part of FM4's coverage of the US elections, Paul Brennan sat down with author and contributor to the Daily Beast, Eleanor Clift in Washington DC, for a focus on Hillary Clinton.


The extinction of the dinosaurs

11,126 pieces of rocks have been distributed throughout the world to 31 scientists for a huge research project on the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs. One of those scientists is Dr. Ludovic Ferrière, at Vienna’s Natural History Museum.


Life at 100

Reality Check examines longevity and if a majority of babies born today will live til at least the age of 100, what will life be like for them in the year 2116?

Ndumie Funda

Ndumie Funda

She became a prominent campaigner in South Africa against so-called ‘corrective rape’ because of two personal tragedies. She told her story to Reality Check's Steve Crilley.


Homophobia in soccer

Ahead of Euro 2016, is the culture of football changing towards becoming more inclusive?

Frau mit kleinem Kind hinter Netz

The closure of the West Balkans route for refugees.

Karim El-Gawhary reports on the Egyptian route and why it’s almost impossible for European naval operations to arrest any people smugglers from Egypt.


Ugly fruit and wonky vegetables

A Reality Check on the food we waste because it doesn't look perfect.

Papst am Flughafen

The Doctrine of Christian Discovery

Why the Vatican has not annulled the law that still brings continued pain to indigenous peoples across the globe.


Podemos in Ireland?

The pubs are full, shops are open, the cranes are back but are the Irish still set on punishing their government?


"The sound of the explosions ...

the stun grenades, the fighting that was not too far away". David Stern in Kiev and others, remember the height of the Maidan Square protests two years ago in Reality Check.

Veganer Burger


Wanna know which country has the highest percentage of vegans, in relation to its population? Surprise, surprise … it’s .....Reality Check finds out where and why

Donald Trump

Trump vs Fox News

Polls have him almost poised to take the prize of Iowa as Donald Trump opens old wounds with Fox News. Conservative insider Ramesh Ponnuru, tells Reality Check what's going on.


We know it’s out there somewhere!

Reality Check looks into Caltech's discovery of Planet 9.

Sarah Palin

She's back!

But does she matter in 2016? Sarah Palin stumping for the Trump on Reality Check.

Landkarte des Kongo

Cobalt killer

Children mining cobalt for our smartphone batteries? Reality Check speaks with Amnesty International.

Frau in Schwarz

Iran, post sanctions

What will this new era mean for Iranians? Jörg Winter explains more on Reality Check.

Bryan Stevenson

"There's a whole community of people, who are literally dying for legal assitance"

Reality Check with Bryan Stevenson, from the Equal Justice Initiative.

Frau mit Handy


what did the people tell politicians at the weekend? Reality Check heads to Madrid.

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