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Dave Dempsey

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2. 3. 2017 - 11:27

Today's Webtip: Defense Against the Dark Arts

A data scientist and journalist takes a look at possible strategies against fake news.

Fake News has been in the news for ages now. Exactly what it means seems to be dependent on who is using the term. But most people seem to be using it to imply propaganda.

And it has been incredibly effective as such. Although a lot of people have been trying to find effective ways of fighting it, most of them end up actually furthering the dissemination of false information.

Because people are funny.

So what can be done? How does it work? Are there any actual studies out there backing any of that up?

Jonathan Stray has written a post covering those questions. It is an interesting, if not entirely happy, read with some useful explanations and links to studies.

Defense Against the Dark Arts: Networked Propaganda and Counter-Propaganda