Standort: / Meldung: ""Ideology is not why they become radicalised""

Joanna Bostock

Reading between the headlines.

26. 5. 2015 - 15:22

"Ideology is not why they become radicalised"

Reality Check: de-radicalising young jihadists; Cameron's EU strategy; Russian world cup prison labour; saving the Jewish Deli.

Austria & Jihadism

A 14 year old went on trial in St. Pölten on Tuesday, accused of membership of a terrorist organisation and of planning a terrorist attack. He was found guilty on both counts and given a partially suspended prison sentence. According to reports, the teenager had been radicalised within a matter of weeks.


An image of the accused teenager in court before the start of the trial.

We talk to Thomas Schmidinger, Professor of Political Science at the University of Vienna and co-founder of an initiative to prevent radicalisation and to de-radicalise jihadists returning from Syria and Iraq:

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A day after Prime Minister David Cameron invited EC President Jean-Claude Juncker for dinner, our London correspondent Olly Barratt tells us about Cameron’s strategy to press the EU for reforms:

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Russia’s World Cup plans

The authorities want to use prisoners to work in factories making building materials for World Cup 2018 construction projects. Tom Barton reports from Moscow:

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As Prime Minister Narendra Modi marks his first year in office, we talk to author and columnist Dinesh Sharma about what he’s achieved and what his critics say:

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Film "Deli Man"

An interview with author David Sax about the life and legacy of American Jewish delicatessens, portrayed in a new documentary to be screened in Vienna later this week:

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