Standort: / Meldung: "US & Iran - a common objective on Iraq?"

Joanna Bostock

Reading between the headlines.

16. 6. 2014 - 14:00

US & Iran - a common objective on Iraq?

Reality Check: US/Iran/Iraq; Pakistan drone strikes; Afghanistan presidential run-off; Urban heat islands; World Cup update.

Iran, Iraq & the US


Iranian President Hassan Rowhani, who has said that his country is ready to help Iraq to fight terrorism.

The US is considering direct talks with Iran about the security situation in Iraq, which continues to deteriorate as the militant group ISIS, The Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant, spreads across the country. Iran expert Ali Ansari tells us what the mutual interests between the U.S. and Iran are and what cooperation could look like between them going forward:

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Drone strikes in Pakistan

We hear from Dr Wali Aslam from the University of Bath, who is the author of a new report on US drone strikes in the tribal areas of Pakistan, commissioned by the Remote Control Project. Rather than eliminating terrorists, the strikes have caused large numbers of terrorists to relocate to other areas of the country causing an increase in violence across Pakistan:

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Vote counting continues after Afghanistan’s runoff election, amid concerns about the transparency of the election. What challenges may the country face as it approaches the end of the election and nears the first transfer of democratic power in its history? We hear from Thomas Ruttig from the Afghanistan Analysts Network:

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Urban Heat Islands

As the global climate worsens the effect is magnified in large urban spaces. A project looking at eight cities across Europe examined mitigation strategies to handle the increasing heat. Professor Stefano Tibaldi explains the phenomenon and possible solutions.

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World Cup

The World Cup kicked off last week with a flurry of goals and exciting matches. Chris Cummins is joined by Ulla Ebner to discuss the feeling in Brazil as the world gathers to watch the beautiful game:

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