Standort: / Meldung: "Russia to the rescue?"

Kate Farmer

Cutting to the chase

10. 9. 2013 - 14:09

Russia to the rescue?

Reality Check: Syria and the surrender of chemical weapons, Iran's new presidents, the job of a government minister, Frauen Power auf Arabisch, Sigrid Selva's Norway.

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An apparently off-the-cuff remark by US Secretary of State, John Kerry, is developing into a serious proposal for Syria to surrender its chemical weapons in order to stave off an attack from the United States.

Russia seized on the idea and jumped into the diplomatic arena, hastily forging a proposal that many are hoping will at least ease the international tension around Syria, even if it cannot help resolve the internal conflict.

Regional analyst, Cengiz Gunay, looks at the implications of this unexpected turn.

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Iran's new president

Middle East expert Ali Ansari assesses the future for Iran under the new President, Hassan Rouhani, and how his style of leadership might affect events and policies in the region and around the world.

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The job of a minister

There are no qualifications or credentials necessary, but a cabinet minister can dictate what happens in crucial areas from health and education, to foreign policy. Should our ministers be expected to know about the areas of life they are controlling? Political analyst, Melanie Sully, discusses the controversial proposal that Austrian ministers should face a hearing before taking up their posts, as is the practice in Romania and the United States.

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Frauen Power auf Arabisch

Our Cairo correspondent, Karim El Gawhary, chats to Steve Crilley about the inspiration for his latest book, "Frauen Power auf Arabisch" and the fascinating women he met during his research.

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Sigrid Selva's Norway

Sigrid Selva

Chris Cummins

Following yesterday's elections, Norway has a new government. As widely expected, the centre-right won the day.

However, it's not just the politics that are changing in Norway. Journalism student, Sigrid Selva, talks to Chris Cummins about the changes she is seeing in today's Norway, and why she believes it is better off out of the European Union.

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