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Johnny Bliss

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21. 1. 2013 - 15:17

Space Zeppelin: A Space Opera. (Episode VI)

With a cast of thousands, including: Admiral Dark Starmann!! Kanzler Blutenau! Bauchklang!! Gin Ga! The Bauchrog!! Johnny Bliss! Johnny Jackal der Blonde!! The Al-Bot?! Krolli van Krolli!! Projekt X! DAVE!! Flukas. And many more.

Captain's Log: Stardate 274-2505, Sonic Year 15974

If a day has 24 hours in it, then we have been sitting in space near this desolate moon for something like three weeks.

On the plus side, the Empire has not found us yet to kill or arrest us – on the negative side, we're running out of fuel to keep the ship operational. This includes the artificial atmosphere, which allows us to breathe.

Krolli and I sent a distress signal to the Federation, something like a week ago? And they haven't replied. Not good.

Christoph Sepin, 2012

If all this wasn't enough, we've also lost our artificial intelligence program HAL, in a software update, and the new program DAVE is a little harder to get along with. He often disagrees with us on big topics and voices his opinions, loudly. He sometimes doesn't follow orders, which goes against the whole idea of what being a ship's computer is supposed to be about.

Fortunately, we have the AL-Bot, our new robot assistant who can hack into the ship's system and manually override the Computer when it's necessary. So the situation is manageable... for now.

Of all of us, our deranged particle physicist Flukas seems happiest. Whether we are getting attacked by space pirates or sitting on low energy behind a moon, Flukas is at home on the Zeppelin, period. Thanks to the lab accident that tied his life to the fate of the Zeppelin's engine, he always gives the impression of belonging completely to this ship, and to its fate.


Christoph Sepin, 2012

The lab accident that changed our Flukas forever...

And then there's Helena, who spent almost all of her life in the Austra Centauri star system, but who was born on Vulkan and therefore never became a citizen. I come to suspect that she and my chief engineer Krolli rather like each other. Which is fortunate, because we volunteered to give her a lift back to Vulkan, but have since ran out of fuel and are instead behind a remote moon, hiding from the Empire.

So we're fine. All things considered, however, it would appear that we will be missing the Federation Vier Birthfest in Austra Centauri next week...

Christoph Sepin, 2013

Episode VI Credits

Cast of Characters (in order of appearance):

Narrator - Marion Schoenwiese
Cromwell - Chris Cummins
Johnny Jackal der Blonde - Hannes "Bones" Duscher
Admiral Dark Starmann - Dirk Stermann
ROBOT (Designed by Zikmund Corp.) - Robert Zikmund
Ondrusova - Susi Ondrusova
Kanzler Blutenau - Martin Blumenau
Captain Johnny Bliss - Johnny Bliss
DAVE (On-board Computer) - Dave "Daddy D" Dempsey
Krolli van Krolli - Roland Gratzer
The AL-Bot - Albert Farkas
Flukas - Lukas Tagwerker
Helena the Vulkan - Nina Hofer
Ensign - Bilguun "Billyshes" Enkhtur
Doorman - Trishes / Bilguun "Billyshes" Enkhtur
Bauchklang - Bauchklang
The Bauchrog - Trishes / Bilguun "Billyshes" Enkhtur
Gin Ga - Gin Ga (feat. Stefan Elsbacher)
Empire Stormtrooper(s) - Paul Schiff (The Geezers/Curbs/Pauls)
Gin Ga (Interview)
Riemix (Mainframe Computer) - Riem Higazi
The Queen - Monika Eigensberger
Delphic (Interview; Hamburg, DE)
Projekt X - Projekt X (Clemens Haipl)
Bauchklang (Interview)
Talina - Conny Lee

iron sky space zeppelins

Blind Spot Pictures, 2012

Here are some Space Zeppelins from the recent movie Iron Sky.

Script/Direction: Johnny Bliss
Production: Christoph Sepin & Johnny Bliss (feat. Sebastian Schlachter)
Post-Production (Editing): Johnny Bliss & Christoph Sepin
Original Soundtrack: Christoph 'Burst Up' Weiss (Schönheitsfehler), Roland Gratzer, Hannes Duscher, Johnny Bliss, Christoph Sepin
Original Artwork: Christoph Sepin (Quiz3000)