Standort: / Meldung: "Deported... arrested... disappeared"

Kate Farmer

Cutting to the chase

6. 12. 2012 - 15:32

Deported... arrested... disappeared

Reality Check: The Chechen asylum seeker who was deported, and then arrested in Moscow. Also: Egypt protests, fundamentalism in India, Hezbollah in Europe, Lake Ellsworth

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Chechen disappearance

Chechen asylum seeker in Austria disappears after being arrested in Russia. Tim Aussenhuber, a lawyer at the MigrantInnenverein St. Marx, explains the extraordinary circumstances and processes that led to an asylum seeker being deported, only to be arrested on arriving in his homeland.

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Egypt protests

Presidential palace, Cairo


Tanks have been moved in to protect the presidential palace in Cairo

Pro- and Anti-Morsi protesters clash in Cairo. Karim El Gawhary talks to Riem Higazi about the latest developements.

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Fundamentalism in India

Why Islamic extremism is less of a problem in India than in other countries in the region.

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Hezbollah in Europe

Matthew Levitt from the Washington Insistute for Near East Policy, who was in Vienna at the invitation of the organisation Stop The Bomb, explains why Hezbollah is becoming active in Europe.

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Antarctica's subglacial lake

The search for life in the lake under the surface of Antarctica, and why it might give us clues about life on other plants.

lake ellsworth


Lake Ellsworth is believed to be part of a sub glacial network of lakes and rivers under the Antarctic ice.

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