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Kate Farmer

Cutting to the chase

12. 1. 2012 - 15:01

Petrol protests and private drones

Reality Check: Nigeria riots, inside North Korea, US military scandal, CES in Las Vegas, Jon Huntsman

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The row over Nigeria's petrol subsidies seems to be escalating. Although Nigeria is a major exporter of oil it has very limited refininng facilities, so it imports most of its petrol, which it then subsidises to keep prices low for Nigerians. However, to stimulate foreign investment in Nigerian refineries, the government decided to stop the subsidies, but as our Africa expert Patrick Smith explains, they gravely underestimated the public response.

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North Korea from the inside

North Korea is hardly a place you'd plan for a holiday - but it was one of the places film maker Ben Anderson visited whild talks while making his documentary series "Holidays in the Axis of Evil". Although carefully monitored by official guides, he managed to get a unique and very revealing insight into North Korea and its people.

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Military probe into YouTube video

A video appearing to show US Marines urinating on dead bodies of Afhan fighters has surfaced on YouTube, causing yet another military scandal, and deep embarassment for the US authorities. In Reality Check we hear from soldiers themselves about how such things happen, and from military analyst Charles Heymann about the damage such incidents cause, and how they can be prevented.

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Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas

The annual Consumer Electronics Show is underway in Las Vegas with companies from around the world showing off the very latest in consumer technology.

Daniel Sokolov of CT magazine discusses some of the new innovations, including the "personal drone"

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Jon Huntsman

Although Mitt Romney is the hot favourite for the Republican nomination for the US presidential election, we're still right at the start of the race, and all that could still change.

Today, Riem Higazi profiles Jon Huntsman in the next of our series looking at the hopefuls. He came third in New Hampshire, and has high hopes for South Carolina next week, but will that turn into reality?

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