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Dienstag, 16. 8. 2016

Summer of 99: Dark Visions of the Millenium | Euro Teuro | Nele Polatschek - "Das Unglück der anderen Leute" | Suicide Squad | Adele Labo | Chez Hermes | High Spirits

Morning Show (06-10)

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Update (10-12)

with Riem Higazi

Summer of 99: Hollywood entdeckt die Krise neu – Dark Visions of the Millenium
Das Jahr vor dem Jahrtausendwechsel. Krisenstimmung. Ermüdung. Milleniums-Paranoia regiert, die sich in zentralen Filmen wie "Fight Club" und "Matrix" spiegelt, während auch das Star-Wars-Fieber die Welt beherrscht. Die Einflüsse des Filmjahrs 1999 spürt man jedenfalls bis heute im Kino und Serien-TV.

Termine | Webtip

Reality Check (12-14)

with Steve Crilley

  • Guantanamo Bay detainees

15 of the 76 prisoners still been held at the Guantanamo Bay Detention Center have been relocated to the UAE. This is the largest such prisoner release of the Obama administration and it comes at a time when President Obama is very much focused on saving his legacy. Hal Rock reports.

  • The battle for Mosul

Kurdish Peshmerga forces are reported to have taking control of an important bridge and approximately 15 villages near the IS stronghold of Mosul in northern Iraq. This is another step in the push to retake the city of Mosul which has been under IS control for over two years. Security expert, Shashank Joshi gives us his view on how the battle for Mosul is progressing.

  • Brexit revisited

It’s been nearly two months since the UK voted to leave the EU. Most observers at the time were predicting dire consequences for the British economy and not many were willing to bet on just when the UK would trigger Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty and officially start the Brexit process. Our London correspondent Catherine Drew brings us up to date on what’s been happening

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FM4 Unlimited (14-15)

with Functionist and Beware

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Morgan Geist Super
Hiatus Kaiyote Breathing Underwater (DJ Spinna Galactic Soul Remix)
J Dilla Love Movin' feat. Black Thought
J Dilla Dime Piece feat. Dwele
Cuthead Everytime
Cuthead Mitsubishi
Cuthead Deep In My Soul
Cuthead Like
DMX Crew Odd Socks
KMFH Measure 2 Measure
Kon Awe Baby (Medlar Remix)
Joy Jones Over (Osunlade Remix)

Connected (15-19)

mit Heinz Reich

Live zu Gast: Euro Teuro zu ihrem Superhit „Autogrill“

Buch: Nele Polatschek - "Das Unglück anderer Leute" (Gerlinde Lang)

Film: Suicide Squad
Nach den innerlich zerrissenen Helden in "Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice" setzt der neueste Blockbuster aus dem DC-Comicuniversum gleich auftotale Antihelden. Die "Suicide Squad", die die Welt vor dem Untergang retten soll, rekrutiert sich aus psychopathischen Gangstern. WillSmith, Shootingstar Margot Robbie, Jai Courtney und Jay Hernandez gehören zu dem Himmelfahrts-Kommando im Kampf gegen eine übernatürliche Bedrohung. Christian Fuchs hat den Film bereits gesehen und "Suicide Squad" Regisseur David Ayer in London zum Interview getroffen.

Adele Labo
Die YouTuberin hält online ein Plädoyer gegen den Rasurzwang bei Frauen

Homebase Parade (19-22)

mit Esther Csapo

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Den Überblick behalten in der Welt der Beats. Der interdimensionale Groove-Panoramaflash bringt euch jede Woche ein Update in Sachen House, Soul und Breaks.

Artist Titel Label
1. demuir & cynthia amoah here's to friday classic music company
2. stereogamous & shaun j wright & hard ton where can we find love get up rec.
3. james curd it's so much fun / lee foss rmx repopulate mars
4. addvibe brothers / mateo & matos rmx glasgow underground
5. bando & jorgie & mr. V the music everyday hustlers
6. bufi cosmoattack discotexas
7. bufi new ground discotexas
8. bufi manamana discotexas
9. paolo paleologo it doesn't me safe ltd.
10. sidney charles for the record / stacey pullen rmx avotre
11. disco channel eyes in eyes emerald city music
12. francesco chiocci & black soda black sunrise connaiseur rec.
13. aathee & russoul nyalaa aathee
14. sherman hunter dance to freedom bbe
15. living colour plastic people bbe
16. arabi times three bbe
17. black sun le love bbe
18. william barlak ain't no doubt about it bbe
19. jesse saunders shout grin music
20. falty dl drugs blueberry rec.

Chez Hermes (00-01)

mit Hermes

Die FM4-Personalityshow Eures Vertrauens mit Conferencier Hermes. Highlights und Rohmaterialien aus der und rund um die dienstägliche FM4-Mitternachtseinlage Chez Hermes gibt’s im Chez Hermes Podcast.

Sleepless (01-06)

with JoeJoe Bailey

Less sleep, but a whole lot more of everything else.
Keeping you company (and awake!) through the wonderful wee hours.