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Freitag, 8. 4. 2016

The Huntsman & The Ice Queen | #howtobeaustrian | Top FM4: "Schwarze Lippen, Grünes Haar - das STS Musical" | M83 | Eric Krieg | La Boum de Luxe

Morning Show (06-10)

with Stuart Freeman and Alexander Wagner

In today’s show we ask the really important questions: #HowtobeAustrian and how to draw a bird! Yes, that’s right: Because it’s Draw A Bird Day Stuart will draw a picture of a bird and you can win it as a price and we’d like to hear your opinion on what being “Austrian” means. Tune in!

Update (10-12)

with Julie McCarthy

Film: Movie Update mit Pia Reiser: "Freeheld" und "How to be Single". Geez Louise, gleich zwei Filme, die den Bechdel-Test bestehen.

Termine | Webtip | Artist Of The Week: Last Shadow Puppets

Reality Check (12-14)

with Riem Higazi

  • Cameron and the Panama Papers

British Prime Minister, David Cameron is the latest public figure to be caught up in the Mossack Fonseca off-shore account scandal. Our London correspondent, Olly Barratt gives us the background.

  • Free Trade and the US Elections

You might be surprised to hear that there is in fact one thing on which Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders can agree – sort of. It’s the issue of international free trade agreements which all of the current presidential candidates view with varying degrees of skepticism. We get analysis from Earl Fry, professor of Political Science at Brigham Young University in Utah

  • The Joy of love

Amoris Laetitia (The Joy of Love) is the much-anticipated document setting the Catholic Church’s position on issues relating to the family. Pope Francis released it today and our Rome correspondent, Josephine McKenna tells us what’s in it and the challenges ahead.

  • Mikl- Leitner in Rome

Austria is considering tighter controls of its Brenner Pass border with Italy in any move intended to forestall any attempt by refugees or migrants to circumvent the now closed Balkan route to the EU. The Austrian Interior Minister, Johanna Mikl-Leitner is in Rome today for a meeting with her Italian counterpart, Angelino Alfano. Our Rome correspondent, Alex Kofler gives us the Italian view of the situation.

  • Uber and the sharing economy

The taxi hailing company Uber has suffered a defeat in the Californian courts. It has to pay a hefty fine and can no longer claim that it’s system if vetting it’s drivers is the best in the world. We take a look at Uber and the sharing economy in general with author and journalist, Steven Hill.

With correspondents and contacts around the world, FM4's midday news magazine investigates the stories behind the headlines to put you at the axis of what's happening, as it happens.

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FM4 Unlimited (14-15)

with Functionist and Beware

The daily cross-genre, eclectic styles mixshow.
Available with immediate effect - the stream!

Kiki Gyan Disco Dancer
Gary's Gang Do it at the Disco
Rob Boogie On (Medlar Edit)
Auntie Flo Daabi
Ata Kak Medofo
Bakradze Order
Mr Absolutt True
M5K Sassy Typhoon
ALKALINO I'm Gonna Party
GUTS Give You Up (feat Leron Thomas)
Showfa Land Of Never After

Connected (15-19)

mit Claudia Unterweger

Film: The Huntsman & The Ice Queen
Märchenverfilmungen mit einem modernen Twist sind weiterhin angesagt in Hollywood. Langsam gehen den Produzenten aber die klassischen Vorlagen aus. Deshalb dichten diverse Drehbuchautoren jetzt da weiter, wo die Brüder Grimm & Co. aufhören. Aktuelles Beispiel: "The Huntsman: Winters War", bei uns "The Huntsman & The Ice Queen" betitelt. Nach der düsteren Schneewitchen-Hommage „Snow White and the Huntsman“ treffen erneut Thor-Darsteller Chris Hemsworth und Charlize Theron als böse Schwiegermutter aufeinander. Statt der fehlenden Kristen Stewart schlüpfen in diesem Prequel Emily Blunt und Jessica Chastain in pittoreske Kostüme. Christian Fuchs hat sich in die dunklen Märchenwälder begeben und berichtet, ob "The Huntsman & The Ice Queen" an den herrlich verwunschenen Vorgängerfilm anschließen kann

Musik: M83 (Dani Derntl)

Murder Ballads: Interview mit dem Autor Eric Krieg | Springfestival

Top FM4 (19-21)

mit Roli Gratzer und Hannes Duscher

Was geschah, wie hat es sich zugetragen? 1997, STS stehen kurz vor der Veröffentlichung von ihrem Album "Mit aller Kraft", da müssen sie erfahren - eine österreichische Supergroup ist im entstehen, A3. Mehr über diesen schicksalshaften Moment in einem Grazer Kaffeehaus gibts in dem neuen Top-FM4 Musical "Schwarze Lippen, Grünes Haar - das STS Musical" mit Hannes Duscher, Roland Gratzer und dem blonden Engel als S, T und S.. oder umgekehrt?

La Boum de Luxe (21-06)

mit Natalie Brunner, Sebastian Schlachter und DJ Glow

DJ Glow bringt uns zum leuchten

Djrum Untitled 9 Ilian Tape
Benga Future Funk Benga
Dwaalicht Humidex Analogical Force
Lost Trax Life Out Of Balance Frustrated Funk
Com Truise Forgive Ghostly
Delta Funktionen A New Planet Shipwrec
Raíz Coruscate Invert
Altroy Red Planet
Adesse Versions In The Sticks Numbers
Abe Duque Moire Comfortable For You ADR
Alex Cortex We Run Your Life TRUST
Luxus Varta Breigs Solar One Music
Expansion Unit Ghosts Expansion Unit
B12 It's My Blood Delsin
Black Point Mythic Out To Lunch
Voiski B2 Russian Torrents

Electric Spring
Bei uns zu Gast im Studio sind die Kuratorin Katharina Seidler, die DJs Fauna, Anna Leiser und Monophobe

Anna Leiser (Bebop Rodeo)

Fauna (moun10)


monophobe lotus bloom (abby lee tee remix)
ritornell old people (feat. mira lu kovacs)
thundercat for love i come (lapalux flip)
submerse bokeh
monophobe the other day
monophobe the other day (ritornell's different day mix)
monophobe racoon care
jameszoo poek
monophobe cluster (feat. tobias koett)
karma art abra
monophobe analogic
weird inside no more heroes
monophobe & karma art dimitri
taylor mcferrin postpartum (dorian concept remix)
leyya wolves (monophobe remix)
nongoma desire (persian empire remix)
monophobe two times (feat. young corvus)
froyo ma fish socks
young corvus no juice
jimmy pé microlove
stwo eden (monophobe remix)
k blvck clan riddim
jnthn stein cata
hearts hearts the world was my oyster (monophobe remix)
machinedrum take flight (fvlcrvm remix)
monophobe & karma art _

Christian Camille (Stuttgart) in the mix

Christian Camille Jack This Shit Boogiemonsterbeats
Pc Pat & Claud Santo It's Getting Late (Scott Morter's Gotta Stay Remix) Krome Boulevard
Cape Funk Cartel From The South (Nate Laurence Midwest Muscle Mix) Reason2Funk
Mennie Reels Rebel Exploited Ghetto
Sascha Sonido Haywire (Detlef Remix) Brise Records
Sante, Sidney Charles All Night Long Hot Creations
Robert Boogert Touche DubNoir Music
Green Velvet, Jay Lumen It's All About Me Relief Records
Huxley Callin' ft S. Man (Scott Diaz Mix)
Dark Science Rust Rejected
Junia Ovadose Pizza The Hut Lost My Dog
DJ Lulu, DJ Gas Gangster Loop (Iban Montoro & Jazzman Wax Remix) Greenhouse Recordings
Iban Montoro, Jazzman Wax Sabroson Strictly Rhythm Records

Rewind 2008
Tanith (Berlin) in the mix

Rewind 2004
Daniel Bell (7th City/Peacfrog/Tresor) in the mix

Rewind 2004
Modeselektor in the mix

Schlachter’s Warp Records Ambient Mixtape