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Freitag, 31. 7. 2015

Afghanische Jugendliche - Neuer Start in Österreich | Rob Zombie | Film: Kartoffelsalat - der erste deutsche Youtuber-Film | Artist Of The Week: Gengahr | Parque del Sol | Poolbar Festival: Etienne de Crecy | Homebase Parade | La Boum de Luxe

Morning Show (06-10)

with Stuart Freeman and Nina Hochrainer

Wanna watch a movie called Kartoffelsalat? Hear about the latest investigative news story from our Aufdeckerin and listen to Massive Attack and Rob Zombie? Then tune into the FM4 Morning Show with fabulous Nina Hochrainer and Stuart Freeman! Plus we are welcoming a guest in our Breakfast Club: mountaineer Peter Ortner!

Update (10-12)

with Chris Cummins

Movie Update mit Christian Fuchs | Termine | Webtip | Artist Of The Week: Gengahr (Lisa Schneider)

Reality Check (12-13)

with Steve Crilley

Israel firebombing
Suspected Israeli settlers firebombed Palestinian homes in the occupied West Bank in the early hours of this morning. An 18 month old baby was burned to death in the attack and his parents and brother were seriously injured. We get the latest from our Jerusalem correspondent, Jordana Miller.

Austria: Traiskirchen – no new asylum seekers
It has been announced today that no new asylum seekers will be accepted at the over-crowded reception center at Traiskirchen. In a further development, Austrian chancellor Werner Faymann (SPÖ) and vice-chancellor Reinhold Mitterlehner (ÖVP) have revealed that responsibility for housing asylum seekers will be removed from provincial governments and will now be dealt with at a national level. We get reaction from Michael Chalupka, director of the Austrian Diakonie.

Integration in Birmingham
While most of Europe struggles with the integration of migrants, the city of Birmingham in the UK has enjoyed a high level of success. We speak to Birmingham City Councillor, Albert Bore who tells us that successful integrations starts in the minds of those involved.

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FM4 Unter Palmen (13-14)

mit Dirk Stermann

Die liebgewonnene Sommertradition des mittäglichen Plauderns mit prominenten GastmoderatorInnen wird heuer wieder weitergeführt. FM4 Unter Palmen öffnet zwischen 13 und 14 Uhr die Telefonleitungen, um mit den FM4-HörerInnen über saisonale Topthemen zu plauschen. Diese Woche geht Dirk Stermann an den Hörer!

Das Thema am Freitag: "Wie lebt man ohne Strom?!"

  • Die Nummer ins Studio: 0800 226 996

FM4 Unlimited (14-15)

with Functionist and Beware

The daily cross-genre, eclectic styles mixshow.
Available with immediate effect - the stream!

FM4 bis 7 (15-19)

mit Martin Pieper

Talk: Rob Zombie
Rob Zombie ist nicht nur Horrorfilm-Regisseur, sondern Musiker, der im Gasometer spielt. Christian Fuchs erzählt, was er an Rob Zombie schätzt:

Afghanische Jugendliche - Neuer Start in Österreich
Die Wuchtel ist rund, das Tor ist eckig und Mensch ist Mensch. Wie schon die letzten drei Jahre veranstaltet der Verein "Afghanische Jugendliche - Neuer Start in Österreich" ein Fußballturnier in Wien Brigittenau. Außerdem gibt es eine Ausstellung, Workshops, afghanisches Essen und überhaupt viel interkulturellen Austausch. Shokat Ali Walizadeh, Gründungsmitglied des Vereins, erzählt uns über den Verein und warum Sport gut dafür geeignet ist, Menschen zu verbinden.

Parque del Sol
In einem wunderschön romantisch-verfallenen Park in St. Pölten organisiert das Lames-Kollektiv das Parque del Sol Festival. Soundworkshops, Medienworkshos, DIY für alle Lebenslagen. Plus: Open-Air-Kino, eine offene Bühne zum Jammen und ein feines Musikprogramm erwarten uns. Christian Stipkovits und Arthur Einöder mit einer Reportage.

Poolbar Festival: Etienne de Crecy | Kindheitserinnerungen von Wladimir Kaminer (Zita Bereuter)

Homebase Parade (19-21)

mit Alexandra Augustin

Die Sommer-Version der FM4 Homebase. Hier kann man sich Musik wünschen, die im Radio sonst selten läuft. Aber auch Wünsche für Mama, den Papa, den Freund, die Freundin, die Katze und den Kanarienvogel werden erfüllt. Und geplaudert wird auch! Sommererlebnisse, Urlaubslieben, sonderbare Reiseziele, Pläne für den Herbst und wie grillt man die beste Grillwurst. Rezepte? Her damit!

Die Nummer ins Studio: 0800 226 996

La Boum de Luxe (21-06)

mit Heinz Reich und Docks Bollocks

21.00 - 22.20
That Bollocks Man Slack Hippy has taken over the FM4 Studio again for his once monthly dive into dance music. This time around he`s starting off at 21.00 on the dot, all night long. So, next to his usual bass driven music you can also expect some disco, house and old school gems in the first one hour. From 22.20 until 06.00 it will be DJs all the way, little talk, more music.

jakobin & domino lately (burnin tears remix) luv shack records
7 citizens watson’s party seven praterei
jascha hagen gravel shh
doctor dru the voice of dru exploited
janet jackson got ’til it’s gone (def club mix) virgin
genius of time houston we have a problem royal oak
makoto 73 apollo
the nathaniel project emotional high undertones
equation i’ll say a prayer for you nu groove records
desos girl you look good tonight deso records
roman flügel how to spread lies dial
jacob mikesh filburt phillip dolphia permanent vacation
international pony leaving home (akufen remix) columbia
n.y. house n authority apt. 3b nu groove records
jürgen paape pray kompakt

22.20 - 23.05
It`s Grime Time once again folks and now that Dogs Bollocks has a Grime source in Vienna we are proud to present, once again, Spooky Fellow in the Mix . There is also a Big Grime / Bass / Stepper Party happening in Fluc tonight.

Mary ft Nasty Jack Guitarded (Instrumental)
Blazing Weed kidda beatz
wiley Boom da na
dj big mikee Criminal cut
skinzmann LINK UP
stormin 03 That's Not Peng Ft Jammer & D Power
young dot 09 If I While Out
Ding Dong Hitman (refix by big mikee )
3rd phase Scumfam ( big mikee refix )
ruff squad remix east
Aftershock ft Bruza, D.E.velopment, Tiny Tempah, Triple Threat Pay Attention
Tinie Tempah It's Magic

23.05 - 00.10
DJ Attickdog (Budapest / Ankara)
"I’ve began dj-ing with one of my classmates in a co-operation with our high-school’s radio in the mid 90’s playing disco and house music. The selections made in the school helped me to join small garage, rave and underground happenings countrywide, where I’ve extended my musical range with techno, acid and electro. In 1999 "Hang-ár"
was offering me a weekly residency. This fruitable relationship (own stage at Volt Fesztivál (1999-2003) for local dj’s and bands, warm up sets for Anima Sound System, Basteroid, etc.) lasted until my move to Budapest in 2003. In 2005, I became a member of Tilos Rádió, by starting up an own show with Dj Kontrast titled Demo at Saturday evenings representing minimal and techno. Meanwhile I’ve dived deeper in the underground scene. All the above written co-operations have ended, when the building where the radio was hosted got demolished in a recreational program of the city in 2010. I recently moved to Ankara and looking forward to play more and more.

Black Zone Myth Chant Belshazzar
Arttu feat. Diamondancer Tune In
Marcelus Unseen Force
Alfredo Caforio 1 Week
Differ Ent Differ Ent(ity)
Nikola Gala Inhale (original mix)
Benjamin Damage Delirium Tremens
Marco Zenker Darai
Format Reckless
Deadbeat Hot Mass
Martyn Newspeak
Roman Lindau Raumgestaltung
S.M.I.L.E. Call Of The Huichol
Mike Huckaby The Tresor Track (original mix)
G-Man El Jem (Gaetano Parisio rmx)
Luigi Tozzi Faunus (Cassegrain rmx)

00.10 - 01.15
Spelz (Wien)
Spelz aus Wien, DJing seit 1994. Vinyl Only, musikalisch zwischen Techno & Hardtek mit deutlichem Hang zu verdrehtem Sound. Heute Teil des Bad Robots Club.

grag notill hard techno family
ansome hells mouth
vsk wrap
marco bailey basement warehouse
exium true force
tension out
hans boufmyhre cabin pressure (developer rmx)
mick finesse concubine hysterics (octave rmx)
patrick bolton exoteric
the 15 dead minutes your belief is broken
jay clarke vanishing act
løt.te history of discipline
dax j closer to god
a.paul recharge
jonas kopp starbust
michael schwartz syntax redub

01.15 - 02.55
DJ Terrox (Rush Hour, Re:Loop) with a true school Dub-Step mix
Dj Terrox wurde am 27. August 1979 in Wien geboren, im zarten Alter von 14 Jahren entdeckte er seine Leidenschaft für elektronische Musik in zahlreichen Variationen. Seine musikalischen Präferenzen sind eher im düsteren Spektrum beheimatet.

Yukona Let Us All Unite Encrypted Audio
War & Mateba True Deep Heads
Arkwright Evens Encrypted Audio
Geode Lark Ascending Deep Heads
Content Glycerin Encrypted Audio
Gerwin Trust Your Feelings Deep Heads
Extorted Minds The Road Encrypted Audio
Hatti Vatti Feat Ciann Finn You (Phaeleh Remix) Deep Heads
Intelligent Delinquent Dark Encrypted Audio
Jafu Blues & Greens Deep Heads
iNTRiKET Alien Dub Encrypted Audio
Jafu Phoam Deep Heads
Murk & Tankiller Trouble Encrypted Audio
Matt Deco & Subtle Mind After Hours Deep Heads
Ohmtrix Ghast Encrypted Audio
Menik Pinch of Fault Deep Heads
Shu Shell Encrypted Audio
Mercy Panels Of Freight Deep Heads
D-Operation_Drop Sheba Artikal Music UK
Dubsworth Tapa Backflipper
EshOne Qualia Artikal Music UK
Hitman All I Need Subaltern Tuba
J_Kenzo Straight Defeat (feat_Collinjah) Artikal Music UK
Jobanti Afrique Subaltern Tuba
J_Kenzo & Matty_G Flatline Artikal Music UK
Murk & Shiva Kevlar Subaltern Tuba
Mercy & B9 Butterfly Kick Artikal Music UK
Taiko 9 Subaltern Tuba
Perverse Subcontinent Artikal Music UK
D_Operation &_Drop &_Geode Stronghold Subaltern Records
Skeptical Skavenger Artikal Music UK
Thelem Shottaz (TMSV remix) Artikal Music UK
Dubtek Accidents Uprise Audio
Dubtek The Truth Uprise Audio
Cotti & Hazardous & Real Hustler Hazardous Priisle
Feonix Source Uprise Audio
Biome Cypher MUD
JKL Controlled Chaos (Klax remix) UNTIED
Goth Trad Born To Know Deep Medi Musik
JKL Valid Point UNTIED

02.55 - 03.55
El Patrone (Tirol)
"Mein Name ist Peter Steinbacher aka el patrone, ich komme aus Söll in Tirol und wohne jetzt in Mieders in der Nähe von Innsbruck. Ich spiele jetzt seit sechs Jahren und habe seit einem Jahr endlich Technics 1210er, das Set besteht im übrigen aus 100% Vinyl. Ich hab bis jetzt bei dem Alpfresco Aestival von den Alfresco Leuten aus Bristol (Uk) gespielt, auf der Weltcup Downhill Party der Raiders, und sonst noch des öfteren im q-west Kufstein und auf der cloud 9 (die iglus über Innsbruck)."

nicolas jaar variations
tosca have some fun
Bet.e & Stef Triste
floting points vacuum boogie
st. germain rose rouge
martin landsky under the bridge
kolektiev turmstraße sry I´m late
mr oizo flat beat
junge junge feat Kyle peace beautiful girl
martinez cheesecake
matthias tanzmann keep on
Ebo K-avalanche
hnny mostreally prietty girls have pretty ugly feet

03.55 - 05.05
Delia XXX
A regular to the Dogs Bollocks, this time round with a deep mix of mash-ups,bootlegs and deep house.

jakobin & domino lately (burnin tears remix) luv shack records
7 citizens watson’s party seven praterei
jascha hagen gravel shh
doctor dru the voice of dru exploited
janet jackson got ’til it’s gone (def club mix) virgin
genius of time houston we have a problem royal oak
makoto 73 apollo
the nathaniel project emotional high undertones
equation i’ll say a prayer for you nu groove records
desos girl you look good tonight deso records
roman flügel how to spread lies dial
jacob mikesh filburt phillip dolphia permanent vacation
international pony leaving home (akufen remix) columbia
n.y. house n authority apt. 3b nu groove records
jürgen paape pray kompakt

05.05 - 05.45
Ticket 2T Universe (Swing It !/ dub:cantina)
Through his passion for electronic music Ticket 2T Universe began with the purchase of turntables in 2007 compiling his favourite songs to mixes. First focussed on Drum&Bass, he discovered his love for Electro-Swing in 2011. But that was not enough. HipHop, and Techno followed. In 2015 the people love the diversity of his DJ-Sets, influenced by a lot of different genres. Constant advancement and the trying of new under the influence of old are at the forefront and give his DJ-Sets the speciality that enthuses people at the dancefloors, from Barcelona to Berlin all over Europe.

Gramatik Dungeon Sound
The Geek & VrV After
Proleter U Can Get It
RjD2 Ghostwriter
Poldoore That Game you’re playing
Treva Whateva Singalong
The Geek & VrV Back to 50’s
Proleter Faidherb Square (ft. Mr. Colfer & DJ Crabees)
Gramatik Monster Stomp
The Geek & VrV Around You
The Geek & VrV Hot Cheap
The Geek & VrV Superstition
Disclosure You and Me (Flume Remix)

05.45 - 06.00
späk (ausgesprochen wird das genauso wie der speck)
From Bayern, been listening to Electronic Music since 1994 and DJing since 1999. A big fan of La Boum de Luxe and his first time ever on the show so how about a great big round of applause...

Special Chill Out on the Beach mix, live recording, no tracklist


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