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Johnny Bliss

Disorderly artist, journalist, and late night moderator, with a fetish for microphone-based hooliganism.


Life in the far North: Svalbard (Spitsbergen)

I visited an archipelago so far north that Iceland seems comparatively as if it were a tropical southern island. In a place with more polar bears than human beings, I began to wonder: what drives a person to come and live here, in the middle of nowhere?

Buch in der Hand

The book you dream of reading

Iceland's capital, Reykjavik, is a very special place for writers. In a country where one in ten people has published (or will publish) a book, the capital city has been granted the unique title of UNESCO City of Literature. And where better to host a creative retreat, for writers to develop and discuss their craft?

Johnny Bliss mit Wallaby

Johnny's Islands

An FM4-style radio program, on the other side of the Earth! From the Arctic Ocean to the beginnings of the Antarctic, the Indian Ocean to the Canadian Pacific-Northwest, I've discovered that I really, really like islands. Come join me in Tasmania, on a tour to some of my favourite islands in the entire world!

Kalpona Akter

Kalpona's Story: Fireburned to firebrand

Kalpona Akter is a labour activist based in Bangladesh. From humble beginnings as a garment activist, she has risen to Executive Director of the Bangladesh Centre for Worker Solidarity (BCWS). Hear her story, this Saturday, on FM4's Reality Check.

Johnny Bliss

Party in Australia: Falls Festival

16,270 kilometres away from Vienna, I brought in the New Year at an outdoor music festival in the island state of Tasmania, with a line-up including the Black Lips, Empire of the Sun and more.

Doron Rabinovici

Doron Rabinovici and the questions we can't answer

Saturday on FM4 Reality Check: A chat with the Jewish-Austrian author of "Ohnehin" and "Andernorts". At a table in the corner of Vienna's Radio Café, we discussed what it means to be a 'Jewish' writer in the context of contemporary Austrian society.

Robert Olen Butler

Robert Olen Butler and the nature of Yearning

Saturday on FM4 Reality Check: A chat with the Pulitzer prize-winning author of "A Good Scent from a Strange Mountain" (1993). In the lobby of a hotel bar in Vienna, we discussed the narrative form, yearning in the telling of a good story, and more.

Meer und Himmel

Rock stars, astrophysicists, cosmonauts and atheism

Hanging out with Stephen Hawking, Richard Dawkins, Brian May from Queen and many others on a tropical Spanish island. Read my extensive notes and listen to a Reality Check Special.


Off the Beaten Path: Andaman Islands & Bangladesh

This year, I explored remote Indian islands populated by man-eating crocodiles, indigenous tribes, and Bengali tigers; my travels also took me to Bangladesh, where bad infrastructure, poverty, and pollution can make day-to-day life very difficult.

Jon Gnarr

The Punk-Mayor of Reykjavik

Jón Gnarr is the comedian-punk rocker-anarchist founder of Iceland's satirical Best Party and Mayor of the capital city since 2010. The punchline is, he turned out a pretty great mayor!

Silhouetten von Menschen in Mumbai

Elections 2014: The Many Faces of Modern India

As the Indian elections wind down, I've made a sort of pilgrimage to the city of Mumbai, where modern & traditional India intersect and clash. Here, I met a young fashion designer named Nandita, who told me about the paradoxes that compose India today.

Kung Jaadee

The Spirits of Haida Gwaii

Reality Check: On a Canadian northwestern archipelago off the coast of British Columbia, the Haida are an ancient First Nations people, whose culture dates back tens of thousands of years. Meet one of the great storytellers of the Haida people.

Ein Kapitän

Stormy Weather on the Hecate Strait

Scenery, whales, wind, and waves. The final stage of my ocean passage toward Haida Gwaii was anything but boring.

ein Bär

Johnny's Journeys: The Truth, the Myth & the Cuddly

An infotainment program looking at 2013, and asking the difficult questions about memes, trends, and popular ideas, that need to be asked, if we are to ever understand what it was all about.

Canada Rail

Canada By Rail, Part 2: The Legend of Walter

In a country as big as Canada, rail employees working aboard passenger trains spend nearly as much time on trains as off. More than a job, it is a lifestyle. But what sort of crazy person lives on a train?! Find out today, on FM4's Reality Check.


Johnny's Journeys through the Inside Passage

In pacific northwestern Canada, there is a narrow coastal waterway surrounded by small mountainous islands, leading all the way up through Canada to the border with Alaska.


Canada By Rail: From East Coast to West Coast

A train ride across the second largest country in the world. In an age when most people opt for speed, who is choosing this slower mode of travel, and why? This is Canada by Rail, on FM4's Reality Check.


Old beliefs and legends from Iceland & Tirol

In today's Reality Check, we look at mythology & folklore from two very different regions of Europe, and focus on not only the differences between the two, but also the similarities.

Mutter von Johnny Bliss

Denman Island: It's a very special place

An island-community comprised of activists, artists and organic farmers: Ten years ago, my mother became one of them. On Saturday's Reality Check, we'll find out why she chose to stay.

Pixelmännchen Johnny Bliss

Space Zeppelin: A Space Opera. (Episode VI)

With a cast of thousands, including: Admiral Dark Starmann!! Kanzler Blutenau! Bauchklang!! Gin Ga! The Bauchrog!! Johnny Bliss! Johnny Jackal der Blonde!! The Al-Bot?! Krolli van Krolli!! Projekt X! DAVE!! Flukas. And many more.

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