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18. 3. 2017 - 11:51

Today's Webtip: Lexiwhatsit?

Falling in Love with Words: The Secret Life of a Lexicographer

How do you relate to words?

Are they just something that is there? A useful tool to keep your ideas functioning and battle against isolation?

Or are they tiny little playthings, a stackable collection of bits and pieces that take up no space and cost nothing to collect and use?

I am sure there are more approaches to word appreciation (or lack thereof) but my imagination is limited right now and I would prefer to get to the point. Because I ran across a lovely article on that does a nice job of getting into one other mindset. That of the lexicographer. The person behind dictionaries.

What does it take to go into that profession? What does the daily work look like? What kind of relationship to they have to that which they study?

It's complicated, a bit long, not long enough and just an excerpt from a book. But it's still an entertaining read and well worth the 24 minutes the site says you should need to read it.

Falling in Love with Words: The Secret Life of a Lexicographer


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