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6. 3. 2017 - 12:02

Today's Webtip: Eat like a peasant king?

Just the thing for people, who like their food cheap and their recipes with attitude.

Man, I have to stop reading recipes and cooking stuff for fun. Especially late at night on the weekends when I didn't prepare for anything and all I can do is wander up to my cupboards and stare at the empty space.

It's a really bad habit that could be solved by keeping a better pantry, but then my late night cooking would probably kill all of my weight-loss wins.

But before I quit, I have to share something I ran into this weekend. It started out as a comment to someone's post asking about cheap but labor intensive meals. Some guy jumped into the comments with a passionate post about low cost cooking, and finally dropped a recipe. Well, actually a screed with some basic concepts of cooking a stew, and lots and lots of attitude. And swearing.

Now, it might seem odd to start out a post like this talking about meat stew and then follow up with a link to a page full of vegan recipes, but that's just what I am going to do.

Because a little further in down in the comments about comments a link popped up pointing to a site featuring food, recipes and attitude.

It's a little lighter on information, but for anyone looking for a little variation in their cooking (whether strictly vegan or not) it's a pretty good place to go.

Lot's of attitude, and even more veggies...


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