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11. 1. 2016 - 10:51

Today's Webtip: How to write a (rap)song

Some helpful hints for anyone interested in putting 4/4 together.

My son is a classically trained musician. He has recently decided to start experimenting with writing music for some of his video making projects and came to me for some help.

I was classically untrained punk singer. I never really got around to dealing with things like music theory or song structures. I just spent time in a practice room with some friends and we made noise. Needless to say, my personal experience wasn't going to be of much use. So I did what i always do.

I googled.

And found some fairly decent results. Very simple introductions to the basics of song structure and beat production. We started with a video.

And followed that up with a blog post from an independent rap producer that was surprisingly useful.

Cole Mize also has other posts also focusing on things like how to approach the creative process of songwriting, how to memorise lyrics and a whole lot of other 101 level information that might be useful for anyone who doesn't have easy access to friends with experience.