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7. 1. 2016 - 10:28

Today' Webtip: TFA Answers

Sat Wars fans had many questions after TFA. io9 has a few answers.

Coming out of The Force Awakens left me happy, high, and above all curious.

Who was that old guy at the beginning of the film that gave Poe Dameron the map? Why would he have it? Where did he come from. What was he doing there?

I played chess with Death, you don’t scare me....


What's up with the resistance and why do they seem to have so few ships?

Why does the First Order have so many that are so huge?

Max Kanata? You know there is some heavy backstory there. But what is it?

And finally, one that has been bothering me since the first trailer: what the heck is up with Kylo Ren's lightsaber?

It turns out that there are already answers to those questions. Just like the original Star Wars, TFA was released simultaneously with a bunch of other material. Comics, games, and books. Two of them go into a lot of detail that makes it easier to fill in the whole left in the movie.

So the good folks at io9 decided to dig through the material that was available and share some of the answers.

But warning: there be spoilers ahead...